*Smutty stuff in here* This is just about me and my most recent dating and sexual experiences. Honestly, it's a lot of failed relationships and a lot of sadness but it's my life so idk.


1. The App

I use an app called MeetMe, which is a site that I originally got on to make friends since I had really bad social anxiety in high school, to the point that I dropped out, got sent to an all girls reform school, ended up in a religious school where I am not very religious, dropped out of that and finally got to do schooling online all the while being in the court system for truancy (which is being absent from school a lot) but that’s really a story for another time.

So if you type in ‘dating app for teens’ MeetMe will appear and that’s how I found it. I started using it back in early 2015 but I never met up with anyone from it before. I would talk to people for weeks and months and never Skype or meet up because my anxiety was so bad.

Then my mom left my family and I forgot about the app for a while. I finished high school online and I got two jobs (one as a host, one on a catering staff) but in a business that my dad owns, that way, if I fuck up, I wouldn’t get fired. As yes, eventually I’ll go into more detail about my mother (the bitch named Julie) leaving but not right now, as right now I’m going on about dating.

Over the next year, my anxiety got a lot better; I was able to start college, make friends at work, meet up with a friend who lives in the UK, and…start dating (I’ll go into specifics of everything previously mentioned eventually).

On this app, you have the option to look for ‘chat’ or for ‘friendship’ or ‘dating’. I always put friendship and chat because I don’t want to just meet up with someone once or message them for a few days and suddenly be dating them, no, I wanted to get to know people first, Skype, then meet up, then, maybe, date.

A lot of guys just didn’t understand why I would want to Skype before meeting them, and it’s just because it’s a safety precaution, and to see how well we could get along, and how well the conversation flowed.

But, back to the app.

I’ve never used tinder before. I think of it as a one-night stand website so I really am just not a fan, given I’m a virgin who, until a few months ago, had never even kissed a person. Like, not counting spin the bottle or the brief psychward romance I had, like, actually kissed, more than just pecks.


My MeetMe profile is as follows:


About Me

I’m 19 and I’ve sold my soul to Marvel

I’ll be upfront, I have a son. His name is Sammy. He is about eight years old and happens to be a cat.

I like to read, write, and baking.

Anime, supernatural and superhero movies are my favorite things and taking staged photos on Splash Mountain brings me so much joy

I’m a fun, caring person who is normally pretty awkward and pretty blunt

If you don’t like bigger girls, or you’re over 21, please don’t bother me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)


I know the whole being over 21 and not bothering me thing sounds sort of harsh, but I swear to god that I’ve been messaged by MULTIPLE guys older than my dad who say things like ‘You’re hot’ ‘Do you like older men’ ‘Wanna hook up’ and I immediately block them because it's very creepy to me.

My profile also says:

Anime fan


Cat person




It goes on to where you get to pick the things that fit to you, such as:

Orientation- Bisexual

Relationship status- Taken (I do change this part as relationships run their course)

Looking for- friendship, chat

Height- 5’4”

Body type- Curvy

Religion- Agnostic

Ethnicity- White/Caucasian

Has children- No

Education- Some College

Smoking- No way


You can post pictures of yourself, update your status, and message people.

Like a solid seventy percent of the people on MeetMe are either whores or fuckboys, along with a bunch of stoners (and if you’re a stoner, you do you, but I don’t smoke so I won’t message you back) and old people. You can set what ages you want to see, mine are 18-21, but everyone can still message you. You get to see what people are nearby and so you can make friends accordingly.

But now, enough about the app, onto what you’re probably reading for, the dates and the ‘explicit content.’

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