*Smutty stuff in here* This is just about me and my most recent dating and sexual experiences. Honestly, it's a lot of failed relationships and a lot of sadness but it's my life so idk.


5. Pedro

Okay guys and gals, are you ready to hear about a date I went on a few days ago?


Here it goes!

I went on a date with a guy named Pedro.

It was terrible.

I had started talking to him a few days prior to meeting up with him, and it was kinda awkward when we video chatted, but I still met up with him because hey, he went to the same college as me so at least I could date someone I could see at school a few times a week.

I don’t know why, but I was really nervous. When I got to campus, I started walking around, avoiding the student center where I knew Pedro was, and I went to find my school dad, Courtney. Yes, a guy named Courtney, get over it.

Well, I talked to Courtney and his friends about my pending date and how nervous I was about it, and one of his friends went and scouted the guy out for me, making sure that he was in the student center. When he got back, Courtney and his two friends walked me to my date, which was supposed to be a lunch date, and they took me to Pedro.

This is when things stated getting shitty.

I walked up to him and Pedro looked at me, and then looked back down at his homework.

“Hi,” I said, and he mumbled out a soft reply.

After me sitting down for a few minutes, he asked, “Do you have any homework?”

I said, “Not really, and I didn’t bring my books with me since I only had one class today and it didn’t need books.”

“Weird.” He said, ‘weird,’ to that. I mean like, what the fuck.

We sat in silence for an hour. My laptop was sitting in front of me, but I was just playing on my phone behind the screen, taking my friends about how horrible this totally not lunch date, and probably not even a date, was.

They offered to come save me, but he had a class at two and it was 1:25, so I didn’t want to be rude and leave.

So I suffered the next thirty minutes in near silence, the other thing that was said was when I pulled out my book called ‘how to write a novel in 30 days,’ because I love writing.

Pedro asked, “Is that for your writing class?”

“No, I just have it because I like to write,” I responded.



When it was 1:55, he started packing up his stuff, and then he stood up, started walking away, and said, “I’ll message you later.”

And I was like, “Okay.”


It was almost utter silence for NINETY MINUTES.

It was just terrible.

So yeah, that was my date.

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