*Smutty stuff in here* This is just about me and my most recent dating and sexual experiences. Honestly, it's a lot of failed relationships and a lot of sadness but it's my life so idk.


10. My Essay About Stan

If you're curious about the essay I wrote on Stan, here it is :)


Have you even interviewed a guy that you’ve only been on two dates with for a school project as an excuse to get to know him better? Because I have. Since he is currently in Iowa visiting his grandma (I lied about that part. I didn't want to sound lame and say, "yeah, we're in the same city but we couldn't be bothered to actually meet up to talk."), we did our interview over Snapchat Video. He has had many different job in a wide variety of fields, such as being a cook at McDonald's to working as a Machine Operator in a steel mill. I felt like he was a good person for me to interview because we’ve lived such different lives, and I also wanted to get to know more about him.

Stan Lee (yes, I changed his name so you guys couldn't look him up and creep on him [which it totally something I would do if someone else was writing this]) (though Lee is his middle name) was born October 4th, 1996 in Topeka, Kansas. He moved around a lot: he lived in Iowa when he was five, moved to North Dakota in 5th grade, went back to Iowa in 6th grade, moved to Nebraska in 7th grade, went back to Iowa in 8th grade, in his sophomore year he moved to Arkansas, then moved back to Iowa where he’s stayed until he very recently moved to (I removed this city for privacy reasons). During his time in Arkansas, he started dating a girl, four years later, they got engaged, only for her to cheat on him and end their relationship the day after Valentine's Day of last year.

He has had many jobs in his life, and when I asked him which ones stuck in his mind, he told me about the three years he spent as a cook at McDonald's. “I hated the job, but I loved the people I worked with.” He also said, “I made disgusting food and tried to sell it to people in a happy way.” His favorite job was as the sanitation engineer at Michael Foods where he would have to clean and sanitize the equipment used with a high-pressured hose. He informed me that he just spent majority of the time messing around while getting paid $14.50 an hour. I asked him what his dream job would be, and he said, “My life dream is to be a designer for GM.” Since I was unaware of what that was, be explained that it was a company that designed all the new cars, and he wants to be apart of designing the engine of vehicles since he doesn’t really care about the appearance of the cars. “I like to take something pretty and make it fast.” I asked him the question of, “If you could start up your own business with all the experience that you have from your other jobs, what would your business be?” He responded, “My business would be a mechanic shop that does literally everything. Does body work, does engine work, does everything.”

I asked if he was planning on going to college to be a mechanic, and he told me that he doesn’t need to go to college to know anything more about cars because, “I’ve had a wrench in my hand since I knew what a wrench was,” and that there nothing that college can teach him that his experience hasn’t already. He informed me that he was planning on going to college as a music major, and that he loved to play guitar and even went as far as recording a few songs with him playing and singing, until he broke his middle finger while fixing a car. It was gotten stuck in a car belt and he had lost all majority use of his left hand because of nerve damage, so he could no longer play his favorite instrument. Less than a year later he went to a concert and was positioned right by the speakers and went partially deaf in his left ear; he also damaged his vocal cords soon after that, “So there went my music major option.”

Towards the end of the interview, I asked Stan to give me some life advice; he told me three things. “When life hands you a good life opportunity, just run with it and don’t let it go, I’ve done that too many times.” “Don’t trust people.” And my personal favorite, “If vodka is good vodka, it should burn going down.” (I feel like that last one isn't true because I think good vodka should go down smoothly without a burn but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I know next to nothing about alcohol)

Throughout the interview, I heard him tapping his fingers, and he seemed a little nervous. When I asked him point blank if he was uncomfortable or nervous, he told me that he just wasn’t used to talking about himself. I made sure that if he felt uncomfortable with any of my questions, especially when I was asking him about his ex fiancé, he didn’t have to answer. He told me that nothing I could ask could make him feel that way because he was a very open person, it was just that not many people were curious about him.

I found it very enjoyable to learn all these things about Stan. I stashed away some things for future use for if him and I continue to see each other and I didn’t weird him out too much by writing a paper on him. Knowing about his past helped me understand a few things about him, like his slight drinking problem brought on by his fiancé cheating on him, and how much he loved to sing along to songs, though with a warning before hand because of his voice. When the interview came to an end, I thanked Stan for letting me write my profile about him and for taking the time to talk about himself. He let me know that it was no problem, and I could ask him things any time. Then we said our goodbyes and ended the video chat.


So... what did you think???

Also, if there's anything, anything at all, that you would like me to write about, just let me know and I'll tell you all I can :)

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