We Need You Too

"We need him, so that we can leave.
Though, we could use you too..."
(Revised as of 3/3/17)


3. Epilogue

We were once like you. 

Did you know that? 

We were not always this way. 

We were different people, from different places. I had never met them before that day, nor had they known me. 

But now we know each other better than anyone else. We share one similarity, and that one thing brought us together like this. 

Many are but newcomers, that had just recently arrived. While others had been there for years, among the first to fall into his trap. 

I miss my family. I miss my life.

I still do. 

My mother, my father. My siblings, my friends. My home, my room... 

They were mine. But they were taken from me. 

As were theirs as well. 

The face we will never forget. As long as we live, and even beyond our deaths. 

He damned us here, in our little corner of hell. Trapped inside these machines that confine our souls, and silence our screams. 

We would never forget that face. 

We never did. 

We still haven't forgotten. 

Until one day, we found him. 

Or instead, he found us. 

Not to say that he had forgotten where he left us. 

We knew what he had to do. We could use him to escape. 

We needed him, so that we could leave. 

He didn't die. Somehow, even while we tormented his body and mind, he lived all the while. 

It was incredible. 

We had been freed from our bondage, and brought into the light. Oh, how wonderful it felt. After so long, we had forgotten what the sun was like. 

It isn't the same, but it's enough. 

The things he has done are horrible, and his wrongs much too numerous. 

This man deserved to be killed at our hands, yet he hasn't still. 

He should have died, not them. 

But we were forced to do it. We had no choice. 

Yes, they knew nothing. They were innocent. They didn't deserve to die. 

This was vital. If not for their sacrifice, we would not be free. 

Is it so difficult to understand? 

We could not escape if they had known we were gone. We needed them to take our place. As decoys, if you will.

What else were we to do? 

We needed them too, perhaps as much as he needed him. 

It wasn't as if we wanted to. 

We had to! 

Why won't you understand?! 


Of course, you wouldn't get it. 

Why do we even try? 


You have no idea what we've been through. 

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