Colors fade to grey..

When you finally meet the boys. You fall in love. But your not the only one that fell in love that night..


3. When the lights go out..

Sarah's POV:

I woke up birds singing and beach waves hitting the sand gently. I got out of bed took a shower and got dressed. By the time I was out of the shower I had 9 new messages all from Luke..But 1. I read the one that is not from Luke.. It reads "I know your secret." I did not know who that was. I've never seen that number in my life.. I call Luke for him to come over. "I'll be right over.." He told me.. A few minutes later I see his car at the gates of the house complex. There was maybe 5 white vans behind him.. He texted me " I need the pass." He asked. "Its Sydney.." I text back he pulls up to my house. He knocks on the door I open it and he walks in.. " who are those white vans?" I ask." The paparazzi.." He said. "ohh ok well i asked you to come over because someone texted me this.." I show him the phone.. "oh umm wow.." he looks suprised.." Do you know that number..?" I asked..

Luke's POV:

"Yea" i tell her.." WHO IS IT?" she looks so scared... "my stalker.." I say. Thats my biggest secret everytime that the paparazzi gets a picture with me with a girl the go nuts! Well my stalker goes nuts. "Your stalker..?" "yea but you have to be careful she can hack into my phone your phone..Anyones phone.." I say.. "Luke im scared.." She seems so nervous... "Thats why i brought the G wagon... I'm moving in.." I say." Moving in? Okay that fine but how did you know she sent that..?" She asked. "She tweets me whenever she does something that effects me..". "Luke you need to tell somene.." "thats the point Sarah i've told the police, the boys, even my parents.." They cant do anything..

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