Colors fade to grey..

When you finally meet the boys. You fall in love. But your not the only one that fell in love that night..


2. Our hearts upon your sleeve

Sarah's POV:

Luke is still in Sydney.. He told me to meet him at a local starbucks.When i get there Luke is there with flowers and a gift box.When i walk up to him he sets the things down fast. Then he kisses me on the cheek. I blush so hard. " Hello princess." "Hi Luke, last night i have to say was the best night ever!" "Mine too. I got to meet the girl i was soon to fall in love with..Here i brought you some things.." " aww you didnt have too.."

Luke's POV:

In mind and heart i felt like yes i had to.. It was nothing special.. My sister helped me make the necklace i really hopes she likes it.."Omg Luke.." She starts to read off what is ingraved in it.. "10-24-14 Perfect Princess" I saw she was sheding a tear so i move closer and kiss her on the head... " That so sweet Luke. But why Perfect Princess?" I show her my phone.. "Here lets take a picture I want a new wallpaper.." 


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