Colors fade to grey..

When you finally meet the boys. You fall in love. But your not the only one that fell in love that night..


1. Nothing is better than you*Lost Boy*


"When I fall will you catch me?"

Sarah's POV: 

This summer of 2014 my parents bought me and my best friend tickets to 5SOS that day changed my life forever. If it was not for my best friend maddie I would have just been another girl that loves one boy.. But no we loved each other.. He was the perfect boy for me.. Sweet, Kind, Nice, Heartfelt. I just cant stop thinking about him...

*Present Day* -October~24th~2014.

"MADDIE MADDIE today is the day.!!" I finally get to meet the one I love! We get there and we are the first ones there but its 2 hours prier. The meet and greet is open. We see them. I almost die. Luke just looks and smiles. We walk toward them. We hug all of them. Of course i hug Luke the longest.. We go through the concert. Of course i cry at "wherever you are". 

Luke's POV: 

This day was the best day. I meet the girl that i see on twitter everyday.. Sarah.. I follow her and she DM's me. " Omg thanks so much for the follow.. I know you wont answer but we met tonight. Its was the best thank you so much Luke!" I was waiting to prove her wrong i did.. " Hey i do remember you from tonight and I dont think ill ever forget.."

Sarah's POV: 

"i dont think ill ever forget." "I DONT THINK ILL EVER FORGET" " I DONT THINK ILL EVER FORGET!!!" " Well i wont forget. Here is my number lol."

Luke's POV: 

I call her we have a long talk to the point when i hang up its 2 am. And her contact name is "Perfect Princess"

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