The Dairy of A Vampire

This is the Dairy of a 15-year-old vampire named Vladimira. She lives with her human family and she hates that she can't get the right food. She has never tasted human blood before and her mother and father are pushing her ever closer to trying some of them. But, of course, they don't know that she is a vampire.


80. Entry 80: May, 18, 2017

I am a nervous wreck. I am scared. I have butterflies flying in my stomach and I can't do a thing to stop them. Tomorrow is the last day of school until summer. But today though is the day that I prove all that I have learned this year, and oh geez I am scared out of my mind. It was like this last year too and the only thing I can think about is finding a way out of this but I don't know if there is an away out of it. I know one thing that would get me out of it... going to a different school but I can't give this school up. This school makes me happy but it is also nerve wreck at the end. I almost never what the school year to end. And not even with school I have one name flying in and out of my head. Aliumum. I don't know what it means, what culture it is from, or let alone why it keeps getting put into my head. I am more worried about this school thing than anything and I feel better writing things down. It makes everything go blank and the only things I can feel are keys under my fingers and a feeling of relief in letting out what is on my chest. I miss Wolfe but not as much anymore. She is still almost always on my mind, but that is to be expected and hoped for. And with school, it makes me scared to think that I might fail again. I didn't like failing the first time I did this and now I get to redo it and not fail the first time. I don't want to stand up there with this feeling but I have no chose in the matter. I have to do it or I don't pass 10th grade. Right now, for me, it is 5:51 in the morning. The sun is rising more and more with every word I get out so I am going to have to go and get ready fro school. But do not worry about this I will be back right after it to fill you in on how everything went. Just hoping now that I don't make a fool of myself in front of ten or 15 different people. So for I must say goodbye.

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