The Dairy of A Vampire

This is the Dairy of a 15-year-old vampire named Vladimira. She lives with her human family and she hates that she can't get the right food. She has never tasted human blood before and her mother and father are pushing her ever closer to trying some of them. But, of course, they don't know that she is a vampire.


62. Entry 62; Thu, Feb 23 2017

Okay, so I must say this I completely forgot about this whole thing. I have been sooo busy. I finally did feed. I know big break taking moment when a newbie feeds and all. I was at home 'sick' that day. I was only looking for a day to be alone and try it. I am going to tell you this though blood from bags for thawed frozen meat is just gross. Not mad no but not even close to being good. I finally got something done with my life and.... now I have nothing to do. I finished what I had been working on and now I have nothing to do other than sit and read books. I know, of course, that I could be working on something else. A new project for intact, but I am only going to finish that and I have SOOO many books that I have yet to read that are sitting and collecting dust on my bookshelf at home. Oh, I forgot to tell you I am at school wasting slowly away in math class. Today we are only writing an essay on weapons and school. It's not bad but not fun either. Of course thought, I have already finished and it is only 10 in the morning. We started this at 9 and now I am done It being the best I can make it. I wish I was slower at typing and not as fast as I am. Being a vampire has its perks but it is also a curse. I mean my head is pounding and I am hungry right after I just got done with a hunt last night. 

The downside being the sun and light kinda HURTS. And being sleepy all the time when the sun's up. That gets annoying really fast. Drinking from your own water bottle all day. Not getting sick when EVERYONE IN YOUR HOUSE IS. That gets questions that I can't answer. My mom and dad have known for a while now that something is not right and they make me eat things that taste about as bad as thy smell. I mean come on anyone could smell the garlic that recks in the cupboard and in the soup and pasta they make. It drives me nuts. They think that just because I am a vampire that gracli hurts me. Wrong. I love garlic beard My favorite so long as it is not homemade. Or at least homemade from my house. That is just bad. Plus when do you ever put garlic in cupcakes? I mean come on could they not make it so clear that they are on to me or something. Next thing I know they are going to put a camera in my room make my room be full of mirrors. Great, they think that I don't like mirrors because I can't be seen in them. Nope, I don't like them because they are a portal into another world. I have even seen people in them that aren't really there. At least to them not really there. I love the eyes. By far the best part. 

Some of the good things thought are not getting sick part. It might get some questions but it is always a great one if you're too sleepy to even try to go to school. Of course, if I say that I have to act it, or at least put the thought into their head that I look and so I am sick. Or course, I haven't really gotten that one down just yet. If I did I would have better grades in math and not have to take that math test later today. I will learn some day thought. I am really trying on that part to be better about not using it so often. If I can learn not to use it so often then maybe I might have to work just a little bit harder make things challenging for myself. I am always in need of a good challenge. But the thing is that every time something gets hard I run away from it and use the mind thingy because I have no control over it yet. I am still new and blood helps with a pounding headache I have got right now but I don't bring blood to school that would not go over well with a lot of people. Well, I should problem get back to taking the test that I was taking. It's an online one and that is there mistake. Of course, when the teacher doesn't move from one spot everyone does something they should not do. I am also writing during class because it is soo long and too boring to deal with at times. 

Well, I am going to have to have to go at some point this headache is only getting worst and my vision blurry meaning I should really not stay up all night and be up all day long. Well, time to go and plan what the next course of attack should be. See you all soon my living friends.

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