The Dairy of A Vampire

This is the Dairy of a 15-year-old vampire named Vladimira. She lives with her human family and she hates that she can't get the right food. She has never tasted human blood before and her mother and father are pushing her ever closer to trying some of them. But, of course, they don't know that she is a vampire.


10. Entry 10; Sun Nov 20th 2016

Okay, so I haven't done much moving around today. I have been in bed reading or finishing up some books that I have started reading but haven't yet finished. So I finally finished reading, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, A castle of Sand, and I am going to get right on to reading The vampire Armand. I just thought that it would be nice to say why I haven't been doing much today. I think that the most I have moved today would be when my father and sister went to go to the cursed mall. Yes, I said the cursed mall. I hate malls. If something is shopping for clothing or food or anything other than books I think that it is cursed.

          Oh and I almost forgot. I think you should know my name. My friends call me Vladimira. That is the name I am going to go with for this dairy thing or whatever you wish to call it. I do have a brother but he is never around. His name would be Vlad. I think that my mother and/or father had something to do with the letter V. They seemed to like it. I will not tell you my little sister's name because I don't want to. 

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