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  • Published: 11 Nov 2016
  • Updated: 12 Nov 2016
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When i was twelve my parents got divorced. after that i learned a lot about myself. there were god things but there were also the bad things. i´ve kept it in my head for so long time, but now its a god time for me, to get it out. Are you a teenage girl who has divorced parent, I know you have had the same feelings as me.


3. stepfamily..

when your parents get divorced, there will usually come a stepfamily sooner or later.  

It is now one year later since the divorce and my dad has got a girlfriend. lets say it nicely - i did not like her. At first i did actually think she was fin. she made my dad happy, so i could´t really ask for more.                                                Then it was my moms turn. she got her boyfriend some months later. I liked him really much. he was funny, and i could see he made my mom in a better mood. With my moms boyfriend there followed two boys. littlebrother at 8 yrs and big brother at 16 yrs. The youngest was the first of them i met. He was kind at first, but later he turned out to be freaking annoying. later I met the oldest one. after that i knew why the youngest what that annoying. he was just a true copy of he's big brother...

my dad and his girlfriends have had an on and off relationschip for a while, but im pretty sure that they are together now. my mom and her boyfriend have been together since then. 

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