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  • Published: 11 Nov 2016
  • Updated: 12 Nov 2016
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When i was twelve my parents got divorced. after that i learned a lot about myself. there were god things but there were also the bad things. i´ve kept it in my head for so long time, but now its a god time for me, to get it out. Are you a teenage girl who has divorced parent, I know you have had the same feelings as me.


4. my dad and I

i have always been my mothers daughter. When my dad still lived in the house, we were barely together. we never did things together like, watching films or football games. He never picked me up from school, my mom did. he never was never home. he was at work.

After the divorced, my father wanted to see us more often. He said to my mom, that he wanted to see his kids every other weekend. But, i didn't wanted to see him. he didn't know me and i didn't know him. 

once my dads father got sick - problems with his heart. my dad came and picked me up, so we could go to the hospital and visit him. suddenly my dad got an attack. he´s hand started shaking and he started biting in his nails. "dad, are you okay" i asked. "We talk later" he said. I had never been around when he had it like that. my mom always hit it from us. i had no idea what todo, so i just kept asking, if he was alright. I think i got really tired of me or something, but what should i now, nobody had ever told me, anything. 

when i came home i didn't tell my mom. after that, all i feel, i have kept to myself. in some ways its good. but trust me it had brought a lot of bad things with it. 


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