Tips and help for writing!

This will help you if you are having trouble with one of your stories. I am adding a list of guy and girl names, and a bunch of other things to help if you have writers block.


4. Story Block: Let's break it down. (HELLO!)

Hi there everyone! I'm so sorry that I haven't  updated this story in like forever! I thought I would get back on here to help all of those people who need it. Today's topic is what happens when you get a story block. Now I know almost everyone out there has wanted to write one day and you either put your pencil in your hand or your computer in your hand and you just sit there. You can't come up with anything! Everyone hates when this happens. I'm gonna give you all 3 different ways to stop this horrible thing from happening!


So your sitting there and you can't think at all. We've all been there. If your like me, you have a lot of books in your home. If you are really that stuck, try writing some fanfiction. I know what your thinking, I want to write my own story though! Well this is only so you can get your mind fresh. Everyone knows that ideas come out of wherever you want them to! So with fanfiction, it's easy to get out what your thinking and you might even come up with a good idea for a story. It's a great way to get rid of story block.


 Try using a story template! Those are great to get your mind gears turning again. All you need to do is look up Story Template in google and see what comes up. Of course some of the sites won't be ideal but that's why you keep trying! One of the ones I like is,

(This one gives you multiple templates to download so you can try them all out!)

Story templates are always helpful when your stuck.



Lastly, go around and ask people. If you ask someone, I want to write a story but I need some help. See what they will say. Let them tell you what they would want the characters to look like, what they do, how they do it. Then you can add your own personal flare to it! If they are people on Movellas and you publish the book, you can mention them in there saying they helped with the creative process. If they aren't on Movellas, just mention their names and tell how they helped. This is sorta like the last resort option if all else fails. Your friends are always there to help!


I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and hope it helped you all! I will not be on here until the new year starts so I will start updating soon! I love you all so much! If your not a follower, please follow and if you are a follower, thanks for being there and being supportive! See you all later!

-Willow <3


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