publicity stunt : harry styles

Meet Alice Marie. Since she was signed to Simon Cowell's record label in 2015, her songs have been on the top of the charts! But you know Simon Cowell. He never seems to be pleased. He thinks that to spice up her career a bit, she needs to constantly be in the public eye. What better way to do that than to date a member of the 'biggest boyband in the world', One Direction. Of course Harry is reluctant to do this and they despise each others guts. But is the feeling of hatred mutual? will there be a happy ending or will this little romance remain just a publicity stunt?



alice's p.o.v.
i shake my head, turning on my heels and stepping out of the room, making sure to slam the door behind me. i hear a few muffled voices, and i groan louder as my feet start to pick up their pace and i make my way down the corridor. 

"alice." i hear his voice say. i try to walk as fast i can, but harry's hand reaches out and takes a hold of my wrist gently. "look-" i pull my arm out his grip and roll my eyes.

"don't touch me." i mumble, bringing my hand back down to my side. he sighs and squeezes his eyes shut momentarily before reopening them and gazing at me under an intense glare.

"look. im not any more happier about this then you are, okay? i don't even like looking at you, i can't imagine 'dating' you," a slight smirk makes its way to his face, but it disappears just as quickly as it came and he's back to his usual bland face. i cross my arms over my chest and wait for him to continue. harry doesn't speak for a while and so im left staring blankly at his stupid face. he was a heartthrob. why? i can't possibly being to comprehend. he's not that attractive and i've heard better singers. his personality .. don't even get me started. his hideous, treacherous, bullshit personali-

"hello? are you even listening?" im pulled out of my thoughts by harry, who's looking down at me with a disapproving stare. "right, i can already tell this isn't going to work out. you don't even listen." i feel my insides begin to boil. we've been dating for about 20 minutes and he's already insulted me numerous times.

"then why did you harry? if you can't stand me, why did you agree to do this? why are you even here?" i spit out. it catches harry off guard, i can tell, because his eyebrows furrow and he steps back. 

'quite frankly, i didn't have a choice. don't flatter yourself though, babe. if i did have a chance between saving your shitty career and sitting at home getting wasted while watching porn, i'd choose the latter." and with that, he walks around me and out the front doors, leaving me once again..speechless.


beep. beeeep. i turn over and glance at the clock on my bedside table. 8:35 pm.
i had been sitting out on my bedroom patio writing a new song since i got home. it was alright, but it seemed as if it were missing something. i picked up my phone and glaced at the text that was sent from an unknown number. 

from : unknown number
alice, this is harry. come open your door.
sent at 8:34 pm

i furrow my eyebrows, contemplating whether or not i should open my door for him. too tired to even worry about the possible argument that will most likely stem from my actions, i shrug and stand to my feet, slipping my slippers on and swinging open my bedroom door. i let out a high pitched squeal when, to my surprise, harry stood right outside of it. 

"how did you get in here you oaf?!" i nearly shout. harry appears amused, as he steps inside my room. he shrugs and glances around my room before his eyes meet mine. 

"you left the back door unlocked. thats a real hazard, you should be more mindful." he answers. his voice sounds raspier than usual and as much as i hate to say it, i actually enjoyed hearing it. "alice .. this whole not listening thing is really not okay." harry says, breaking me out of my thoughts. 

"oh, im sorry. what were you saying?" i break my eyes from his, embarrassment seeping into my body. i step out my shoes and follow harry, who's making his way out onto the balcony where i was previously was sitting.

"i said nice pajamas." i feel my cheeks heat up just a bit before glancing down at my spongebob onesie. i laugh briefly and watch him look from my laptop, to my blankets and then back at me. "what were you doing?"

"um .. i was just trying to write a new song," i begin. i watch as harry takes a seat and begins reading the newly written lyrics on my computer screen. "its coming along .. alright.."

i watch as he shakes his head and takes his bottom lip between his teeth. he seems to be in deep thought and i cautiously take a seat next to him. as i do so, i can't help but wonder why he's here. why he was being decent. this wasn't the same guy i had been talking to 7 hours ago. his fingers soon begin to move rapidly across the keyboard, adding words to my , very shitty, song.

"i think your song was really good. i was guessing you needed help with the hook so i just wrote down an idea." i glanced at the keyboard and read what he had written.

'i hid behind a facade, scared to let my walls come down.
everybody always seems to hurt me, someway, somehow.
all i want is to be in your arms right now.
me and you can escape this rugged town.'

the lyrics were unlike anything i could've came up with, yet somehow i related to them. i glanced over at harry who's eyes were already upon my own. i sensed a bit of vulnerability radiating off of him. a sense of .. timidness.. like he'd think i would reject his work. "well?"

"i think these lyrics are beautiful. they're .. great." i say unable to come up with any other words. this song wasn't like any original pop ballad i'd usually write. "i wanted this song to come from my heart, to express my feelings. i want it to be something people can relate to. i want my fans to know that just because im well known, just because im looked up to and idolized, im not any different from them. i still struggle with day to day problems. i feel like, your lyrics captured that, harry. thanks."

i see a small smile tug at the corner of his lips and he stands to his feet. "of course it's great," he says. "i am harry styles, after all." 

the rest of the night was spent with me and harry laughing idiotically and finishing up the song which was entitled, "rugged town." he helped me write the remaining lyrics and as it neared eleven fifty, he decided it was time to go. he was happy. i was happy. and not one argument erupted between the two of us.

i guide him back towards my bedroom door, opening it and watching as he walks toward the staircase. he turns around to face me before his eyes widen slightly and he snaps his fingers. "i almost forgot what i came here for!" he exclaims. i watch as the happy, smiling harry that i experienced tonight, returns to the normal hard faced, evil looking dipshit. "we have a fate with the ama's. in two weeks." 

i groan and roll my eyes, shifting all my weight onto my left leg. "you've got to be kidding me."

"oh, darling. i wish i was." and with that being said, he unlocks my front door and steps outside into the cool and briskness of the night. 

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