publicity stunt : harry styles

Meet Alice Marie. Since she was signed to Simon Cowell's record label in 2015, her songs have been on the top of the charts! But you know Simon Cowell. He never seems to be pleased. He thinks that to spice up her career a bit, she needs to constantly be in the public eye. What better way to do that than to date a member of the 'biggest boyband in the world', One Direction. Of course Harry is reluctant to do this and they despise each others guts. But is the feeling of hatred mutual? will there be a happy ending or will this little romance remain just a publicity stunt?



alice's p.o.v

"simon is right in his office dear, go ahead in." I nod curtly at margot, who worked here at the headquarters of syco as a receptionist. as i make my way towards the end of the hall to see simon, i can't help but wonder what he called me here for. i know he said on the phone that it was about something really important involving my fan count, but i can't seem to think of what might be the problem. i thought i had been doing fairly well with the fans, music sales, and followers on social media. maybe i hadn't met his expectations, who knows?

i place my hand on the doorknob and gently push the door open. simon sat at his desk, his eyes slowly moving to meet my own. i notice someone else at the desk as well, and this person turns to face me and i sigh inwardly when i recognize him as harry styles. i had met harry and the rest of one direction back in 2015 when i first got signed to syco and they threw a small party to celebrate. i got along with the rest of boys just fine, except for harry. for some reason, it seemed as if my presence bothered him. i never spoke to him, never did anything (that i can think of) that might have ticked him off, he just didn't like me.

"um.. i'm sorry for interrupting. i was told to be here at three and margot didn't mention anyone was in here with you.." i trail off. 

"nonsense! come on in, alice. we were just talking about you." simon says. as soon as those words leave his lips my eyes shift between the two of them hesitantly. what could my boss and the guy that hates my guts possibly be saying about me? nothing good, i know that much. 

"yeah alice," the way my name rolls off of his lips sounds like he just tasted a really bitter candy and was trying to get rid of the taste. "we were just talking about you."

i roll my eyes and come into the room, shutting the door behind me. "thanks for the clarification harry, " i say, "but i heard simon just fine the first time." 

i hear harry mumble something inaudibly under his breath and i decide to ignore. im not here for him, im here about my fan count. "you said you needed to talk to me simon? about my fan count?" 

simon clears his throat and harry sighs, causing me to feel a bit uneasy. "why, yes. you see alice, you fan count is doing very well right now. you're exceeding our projections, actually. we just think that if things are already going this good, why not make it a bit better? why not keep it up?" 

"simon," i begin uneasily, "where are you going with this..?"

"well, me and modest think that you should be in the public eye more. we think you should constantly be the talk of the town.. what better way to do that to have a relationship?"

i furrow my eyebrows, not fully understanding. "a relationship? im not seeing anyone right now, i won't be in a relation-"

"we know that, alice. which is-" simon begins but is cut off.

"which is where i come in, unfortunately." harry states distastefully. i turn my head in his direction, too stunned to say anything. too speechless. "congrats. you're now in a relationship with me."

"like hell i am! simon?!" i turn to simon in disbelief, hoping harry is playing some kind of early halloween prank. to my dismay he wasn't. 

"we're sorry alice, but as of right now, you're no longer single."

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