The A Rankers

Imogen Oak was so used to moving schools and being unpopular she created Rankings. Rankings of popularity to unpopularity A to F, but one day there is a change, she's no longer a C ranker and becomes an A but as she moves up the board she changes and Rankings take over her life.


1. Being Me

My sneakers knocked against the marble ground, the sound of slamming lockers and squealing girls forced their way into my ears. Groups of huddled guys trudged around yelling atrociously like they owned the school, they probably did. A Rankers. There were individuals too, scattered around, talking to friends, retrieving books from lockers, minding their own business they were probably C or D Rankers waiting to become B or A Rankers. There were probably some F Rankers too but you couldn't see them. Kids hiding behind books and lockers, trying to be unnoticed others trying yo standout but ending up with a black eye or a missing tooth. Id been to so many schools, like twenty and I was only sixteen, but I knew how the system worked now I was just waiting for it to notice me. I didn't have a Ranking yet, I was the new girl, nobody knew me, no body cared about me, I waiting to be welcomed into and abandoned from Rankings, I was Imogen.

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