The event changed everything, but a story can’t have a central theme unless there are walls to support it, roads that take you there and on, because I can’t just give you a fact and you understand it fully until I explain it. So here it is; I love Harry Styles, but the roads that I take you on to understand may not be one’s that you really want to travel, so heed the signs on the barren roadsides, and understand. I’ll tell you about the days, thirty before and thirty after, encompassing Harry’s attempted suicide.


28. 8 days before


Niall takes Harry out for the day, so me, Zayn, and Liam have a day at the house, chatting and eating through mine and Harry's stock of ice cream. Liam watches the both of us carefully, but his talk is normal so we relax into it, and I wonder if Harry is doing okay.That's all I wonder anymore, I suppose. If Harry is okay. What he's thinking. What he isn't thinking. I'm so scared he's going to whip away again, and the backlash is driving me crazy. But this is a forever deal, I knew that from the very first time I met him, and I know this is something that must be met one day at a time."He does look better, right?" I ask them, just to assure that I'm not crazy, that I haven't lost my mind since The Day, when he cut that awful jagged line, had collapsed in the empty bathtub. "Please tell me I'm not imagining this?"I close my eyes."Or better yet, tell me I am.""You're not, mate," Niall says sympathetically. "But he's getting better all the time. He'll talk about it more when he's ready and then we can help him even more.""We are all here for him," Liam interjects, his voice of such calm that I relax against the couch and I begin to anticipate Harry coming home even more, so that I can be sure that he is absolutely happy

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