The event changed everything, but a story can’t have a central theme unless there are walls to support it, roads that take you there and on, because I can’t just give you a fact and you understand it fully until I explain it. So here it is; I love Harry Styles, but the roads that I take you on to understand may not be one’s that you really want to travel, so heed the signs on the barren roadsides, and understand. I’ll tell you about the days, thirty before and thirty after, encompassing Harry’s attempted suicide.


54. 16 days after

16 Days After:I am sitting with my legs crossed in the playroom of the Children's wing of the hospital, watching Amy Lee build a castle out of Legos."I want to grow up to be a princess," she declares, and I chuckle."You could be one. You have the sass.""Sass?"Her tiny face scrunches as she shakes her head, her brown curls bouncing around her shoulders."No," she says thoughtfully. "You have more sass than me."Funny. I don't remember having any 'sass' for a good two months."But it's not about who has more. I'm not going to be a princess, after all."She looks up at me, and I see something strange behind her eyes, almost an expectancy, but she blinks and looks down, and the emotion is gone."You have everything to be a princess, Louis."She places a little flag on top of the crude castle, which is a lovely assortment of green, red, and blue."But I don't. Little girls don't get to be princesses."And just like that, I have an idea.

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