The event changed everything, but a story can’t have a central theme unless there are walls to support it, roads that take you there and on, because I can’t just give you a fact and you understand it fully until I explain it. So here it is; I love Harry Styles, but the roads that I take you on to understand may not be one’s that you really want to travel, so heed the signs on the barren roadsides, and understand. I’ll tell you about the days, thirty before and thirty after, encompassing Harry’s attempted suicide.


26. 10 days before


Niall is constantly on the phone, making arrangements and confirming that people are actually coming.

"How many guests do i have so far" i dare to ask.

"Almost a hundred," niall responds quickly before saying into his mobile,"Hello this is Niall Horan. i was calling about Louis Tomlinson's birthday. You can make it? great! also bring a date. hotel rooms are being offered to everyone, but it will save money if you couple up."

Despite the urge to laugh at him for sounding like a secretary, i also note that he sounds enthusiastic more so than he did yesterday.

"Niall? is something going on?" i say as he hangs up.

"hm? what do you mean?"

I think care fully, wondering what im missing before i managed to ask my question.

"i mean do you have a gf?"

"what?!?!" he squeaks, flushing pink, and i have my answer, though he does his best to cover up the mistake.

"no, what makes you think that? did someone tell you?"

"tell me what?" i ask slyly, because he had just given it away.

"how's harry tody?" he asks, scrambling for another topic. i wish he had chosen a better one, but im not too upset, because i can report "he is doing amazing. he was skipping and singing just before!"

"thats great."

Niall sounds releived in more ways then one, and  make a mental note to pursue his love life later.

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