First born of Akatosh

What happens when the World Eater cannot bring himself to kill the Dragonborn.


2. New words.

Moving out of the way he let her into the building, his robes swished behind him as he walked. She entered closing the door behind her, it was still cold inside but not as freezing outside. Leading the way Arngeir took her into a side room, inside was a huge round stone table with a burning fire in the centre. Taking a seat at the head of the table he looked up towards Ireth.  "What happened out there Dragonborn, Alduin is supposed to be vanquished and the world should be rejoicing" he growled. Ireth grabbed the back of one of the closest chairs barely maintaining her balance. "Half way through the battle Alduin stopped me, telling me he was going to give me this chance to walk away and return when I am well." She murmured, coughing again she gripped at her stomach, wiping the blood away from her mouth she looked at Arngeir. "So you let him go..?, And you didn't stop him" Arngeir roared slamming his fist on the table. "No I didn't stop him." Ireth growled. "Before I could raise my sword he was gone, I was utterly confused and in shock AND frightened beyond belief" the blood that had been sitting comfortably in the back of her throat, in her cheeks came soaring through the air and landed on the stone table, this time it was darker and started seeped into the stone.   Arngeir stared in a confused daze as the Dragonborn started to spew more blood.  Resting her palms on the table she hunched over and coughed. It was so hard she could feel it ripping at her throat, pulling at her stomach, straining on her back. Arngeir rushed to her aid as she dropped to the ground. Kneeling down beside her the fire had left his eyes and was replaced with a thick layer of worry and concern.   "I have never seen such a thing Dragonborn, how long has this gone on for" Arngeir whispered, helping the poor Altmer up into a seated position. Bringing her knees to her chest she coughed again, 'the tighter the ball I sit it the more it will go away' she thought to herself. It eased the pain for a bit but not entirely. "About two to three weeks this has been going on for, the longer it goes on for the worse it gets" Ireth managed to gasp out between breaths. "I shall have Master Wulfgar and Master Borri take you to the chambers to lay down, and there you shall stay while we figure out what this blood buisness is" Anrgeir said, gripping her hands with his and pulling her up. He lead her to the doorway where the two other greybeards were waiting patiently for their orders. Ireth stumbled towards the two, they placed her arms around their shoulders, they took her back to one of the spare bed chambers.    Thanking them both they left as she started to strip off the heavy blades armour. Unbuckling the gauntlets, pulling the laces apart, she gripped at the fingers and pulled them off, placing them down onto the wooden table in the corner of the room. She then set to work on the pauldron's and chest piece, using the same technique for the gauntlets she laid them on the table. Once finally free of the armour after taking off the greaves and boots, she was left in her cloth shirt and trousers.    The brazier's in the room were alight with fire salts, the orange flames danced with the slight chill in the air, like a deadly tango. The stone room was warm but not enough that it was comfortable. Soft feet padded over to the cold unfeeling stone bed in the corner of the room, peeling back the sabre cat furs she wiggled herself into the bed, laying her aching body onto the soft furs she placed the bear furs over her body, drifting off into a fitful sleep.   Arngeir and the best of the greybeards all gathered together by the large bookcases scouring books on the Dragonborn legacy and legends. Reaching a hand up Arngeir pulled at a book that looked like it would spread the most light on the current situation. The others did the same and took their places at the large stone conference table, that only a few minutes ago the Dragonborn had stood spluttering her blood all over the place. Opening the leather clad dingy book, Arngeir flipped through the pages, skimming the lines to find any information. He found a section on dragon souls and what happens when they are absorbed. According to this book over a period of time the dragon souls that have been absorbed become restless, although the dragon dies the soul still lives in the confinements of its captor. Apparently the Dragonborn must either find a way to make peace with the souls or root out the reason for their restlessness, in this case killing the World Eater. Looking towards master's Borri, Wulfgar and Einarth he gained their attention and read the passage. The three looked between themselves with scowling faces, confused. "The Dragonborn must kill the World Eater in order to stop the destruction inside her body" Arngeir explained. "Or make peace with the souls that she has absorbed." The other three nodded once in agreement, and left Arngeir to relay the news back to the now sound asleep woman. Sighing heavily Arngeir rose from his chair, this was not something he wanted to tell the Dragonborn.  But it must be done, if she sees any sense she will get right back out there and slay Alduin, if not for Tamriel then for herself.   Ireth lay comfortably on the stone bed, wrapped in the warm furs. Her body twitched as her unconscious mind reeled. She was standing on top of the mountain again,but this time surrounded by the Dov.  They were all engaged in idle conversation as she precariously approached. They turned towards her as she stood her ground.    "Mu lost saraan hin bo Dovahkiin- we have been awaiting your arrival "  spoke one dragon as he locked eyes with the Altmer. "Hi lost bo wah paar fin sik wah Alduin tum- You have come to seek the words to take Alduin down" spoke another. "Yes I have" Ireth nodded. "Haalvut un mindoraan do daar sik ol nust hin sil voth kun- feel our understanding of these words as they fill your soul with light" The first dovah spoke.   Ireth felt like she was burning up. Light engulfed her entire being, pulling her up from her steadfast position, from the tips of her toes the burning sensation rose, up through her calfs rising higher and higher. The light disappeared and the burning sensation left, dropping her back onto the floor. The new words raced around her mind. Looking up to the dov she nodded slightly. "Kod daar rot onik- use these words wisely"  The second Dovah spoke. All went black.   Ireth's body jolted violently, her eyes sprung open, sitting bolt upright she rubbed her eyes. What in the world was that about. Looking at the door she spotted Arngeir lurking in the shadows, stepping foward some of the brazier light illuminated the greybeard slightly, giving him a menacing presence. Staring straight into her soul he spoke lowly.  "You have to make peace with the souls you have taken." "What" she questioned raising her eyebrow.  "The souls of the slain dragons you have taken, you must make peace with them" Arngeir raised his voice slightly.  "I think I might have just done that" she scratched the back of her head. "I must have been dreaming, I was standing on top of the mountain, surrounded by Dovah. The passed on three new words for me to use, giving me their understanding" Ireth huffed looking confused. "Then you shall use them to defeat the World Eater, maybe then it will bring peace to souls" he reasoned.  "And if it does not then I shall start back at the beginning" She laughed lightly.  "Get some more rest Dragonborn, I shall see you when you awake again" Arngeir said, turning on his heels and leaving the room. Laying herself back down she rolled onto her side, heavy eyelids closing, mumbling nothing in particular to herself
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