An Arrange Wedding My Ass!! [Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts]

On Caroline's 16th birthday her adopted mother finally comes clean about her big secret now by the Goddess of love's will she and another must choose between 11 young men to be their husband. Who will it be?


9. Zack Date


There was a knock on the door, I sighed, date number two.

I opened the door and it was Zack.

He smiled and gently grabbed my hand, leading me to the garden out back.

He was still holding my hand and it felt odd in a way, as we walked out of the doors.

"Do you mind?" He nodded at our hands.

"Not really."

It was my first time, shew a lot of firsts for me

We strolled the garden holding hands, he was telling me stories of him and Cloud being in Solider.

"Wait you guys and Genesis have Sephiroth's genes in you?"

He nodded, "Its crazy I know."

I shook my head, "It is!"

He sat down on a bench and he sat really close to me.

He grabbed my chin gently, "I really like you Caroline."

"Uhh..." I trailed off.

Zack slowly leaned forward to kiss me, oh dear lord.

"Bitch." I heard Kairi growled, Zack dropped his hand and glared at her.

I looked at her, for this ONE time I might be grateful for her annoyance but I wasn't going to show it, "A bitch is a dog, dogs bark, bark is on trees, trees are part of mother nature, mother nature is beautiful. Thanks for calling me beautiful!"

Kairi glared at me crossing her arms while Axel and Zack die of laughter, "Oh Caroline." Zack said putting his hand on my shoulder.

I looked at Axel as he stop laughing and Zack did too, Axel didn't look happy about the contact and it made me squirm a little.

I wonder if he saw the almost kiss?

They walked away, Kairi was hanging all over him.

I rolled my eyes at them.

I looked at Zack, he was already looking at me with those blue puppy eyes.


I knew he was talking about the kiss and I...never had my first kiss and I wanted it to be something, geez someone needs to tell these guys about me being innocent!

"What are you guys continuing?"

We looked at Sephiroth, really another person I don't like but yet grateful for the interruptions.

"Talking." Zack quickly said.

Sephiroth rolled his eyes, "There's a party very formal tonight, you'll be taking your last date." He said walking away to find Kairi.

Cloud is my last date.

Zack walked me back to my room where Rikku, Yuna and Paine were there waiting.

I turned to Zack, "Thanks." I said peaking his cheek then went inside closing the door behind me.

The girls looked at me.

"Deeetaaaillls!" They all sang in union, oh boy.


I went to my room and did push ups, I was mad everyone kept interrupting our kiss and I knew it was going to be her first kiss, I'm not stupid.

"Who pissed you off?"

I looked up to find Axel, leaning against the door frame.

I rolled my eyes at him, "Go away."

"I saw you try to kiss her, what the hell man, she should be kissing you if you're who she wants to kiss."

I jumped up and he got a little intimidated, "What are you going to do hm? Set my ass on fire."

He glared at me then walked away, that's right, red haired punk.


"He um...tried to kiss me."

"Genesis or Zack?" Rikku asked surprised by the news.


I told them about what happened with Kairi, they all died laughing about the ice cream stick.

I giggled and noticed a blue ball gown and a dress case.

I pointed to the one in protection, "What's that?"

"My wedding dress." Yuna said, unzipping it so I could see, it was beautiful.

"I want you to use it when you finally get married."

I smiled at her, "It's really beautiful."

Married? Ugh... I must face it but I can't.

I looked at Rikku, "You're going to have to teach a what to do and not to do, Caroline class."

She laughed, "Noted!" Then she clapped her hands together, "Lets get this girl beautiful!"

Yuna and Rikku worked their butts off to make me beautiful while Paine sat on my bed and skimmed through Loveless.

"There!" Rikku said in excitement adding the last touch of makeup.

I looked in the mirror, they did a great job.

"What about you guys?" I asked, leaving the bathroom.

"You're more important." Rikku said and Yuna agreed.

I sighed then there was a knock.

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