An Arrange Wedding My Ass!! [Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts]

On Caroline's 16th birthday her adopted mother finally comes clean about her big secret now by the Goddess of love's will she and another must choose between 11 young men to be their husband. Who will it be?


11. Three New Boys

"Caroline?" I barely heard a voice then there was a pounding knock.

I sat up quickly hissing in pain as the door opened in came Rikku; she was freaking out.

I looked at her confused, "What is it?"

She used her hands as she spoke "Okay um please don't get mad and I can't stress that enough but um.... Sephiroth just told me Aphrodite deiced on having more guys here for you and Kairi to pick from.." She dropped her hands and stared at me.

I got mad, "SHE FUCKING DID WHAT! THERE'S GOING TO BE MORE?!?!?!" I screamed then cringe from the sharp pain.

I threw the blankets off of me and got out of bed. Zexion, Roxas and Zack were at the door.

"Caroline what's wrong?" Zexion asked worried and I noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt and neither was Zack.
I felt myself drool; I shook my head what's wrong with me? Why so I feel so giggly and shit what are these feelings?

"It's just Caroline being over dramatic." Rikku looked at me.

"Over dramatic? I'M over dramatic?"

"Uh oh here she goes." Roxas said hiding behind Zexion and Zack.

"Do you know RIKKU when an octopus is stress out it eats itself; now THAT is being over dramatic!" I said making a point as I crossed my arms.

Rikku rolled her eyes as I heard laughter down the hall.

"Wait," I said listening, "Is that Sephiroth?!" I hissed as I pushed through the guys.

Sephiroth stood there crossing his arms; he stopped laughing.

"Oh please don't stop laughing on my account!" I said crossing my arms as I gave him a death glare.

"How's the husband search going?" He smirked.

"I hate you so much." I whispered but I knew he heard.

"Hate? Why use such a ghastly word!" a female voice said.

I looked around but no one was there then I glanced at the boys; they were just as confused.

"Excuse me?" I said dropping my arms.

"Ahem." Said the female voice again.

I looked in front of me jumping back wincing in pain, "Holy shit who are you?!" I exclaimed from being startled.

The woman in front of me was GORGEOUS she has long brown hair with a pink flower near her ear, purple eyes, she wore a long white dress that fit her perfect and she was floating above the ground.

I was astonish, "W-who are you?"

"The great Goddess of Love my child."

Rikku pushed past the guys who were gawking and stood by me.

"Who the fuck is she?" Kairi grumbled.

We turned to Kairi; she just woke up and her face looks like shit probably like mine.

"Goddess of Love!" Aphrodite said smiling brightly at us.

Kairi rolled her eyes; she doesn't care about anything.

"Genius here," I pointed my thumb in Aphrodite's direction, "Thought it'd be swell to bring more guys for us to pick from."

Kairi perked up, "Hell yes!"

Of course she'd enjoyed that.

Kairi went back into her room and I noticed Spehiroth left. The boys retreated back into their rooms.

Aphrodite looked at Rikku, "Mind of I speak to her alone?"

"No that's fine," Rikku looked at me, "See ya later."

Aphrodite and I walked into my room and I closed the door behind us. She floated over to my dresser looking at the book Genesis gave me.

I smiled at the memory of our date...wait what

"Sorry about the feelings," Aphrodite said turning around facing me, "People that are secretly in love gets them when they're around me."

I looked at her confused, "I'm not in love."

Then I realized this might be my chance to get out of this.

I dropped to my knees and clamped my hands together, "PLEASE Aphrodite don't make me do this!" I begged.

She bent down to my level looking me straight on my eyes, "I'm sorry dear but this is your fate."

I got mad as we straighten ourselves up.

"Freaking great." I mumbled.

She looked sad as she left.

"Are you nervous?" Rikku whispered.

Kairi, Rikku, Aphrodite and I are standing in front of the castle doors waiting for the three new guys to show.

I saw Cloud leaving with Zack and Genesis.

"Where you three going?" I asked running up to Cloud.

He rubbed my head, "Don't worry about it Brownie." He joked.

"Hmpf!" I smiled.

The doors open and in came a guy with red hair like Axel's.

"Oh great another redhead." I mumbled.

"Honey I'm home!" He yelled smiling as he dropped his suite case.

Behind him came a man with a red cape; he was so mysterious looking. Another man came in but he looked sad and has a boyish face.

I saw Kairi push out her boobs as she walked over to the men.

"Caroline? Come over here dear!" Aphrodite called gesturing for me to come over.

I felt drawn to the boyish looking guy because I could tell he doesn't wanna be here and I don't wanna get married.

I stood beside Rikku; Cloud, Zack and Genesis have disappeared now.

"This is Reno." Aphrodite said pointing at the redhead.

He gave a quick nod, "Sup."

Kairi flirtatiously smiled at him.

"This is Vincent," She pointed to the man wearing a red cape then to the boyish looking one, "This is Hope."

Hope stared at the ground; looking like he wants to disappear.

Kairi and Reno walked away talking about who knows what.

"Nice to meet you Hope and Vincent." I smiled at them as they both grunted in return then left. It's not hard to find an empty room around here.

"Caroline you have a date with Roxas tonight don't forget." Aphrodite reminded me.

I groaned, "He's like a brother to me!"

She raised her eyebrow, "Then Vincent."

"He's like a hundred years old!"

She softly laughed, "Deal with it dear." She said disappearing into thin air.

I look at Rikku, "If I die just remember I love you."

She giggled as she wrapped an arm around my shoulder, "He doesn't seem THAT bad."

We walked upstairs then she left to see Namine as I walked down the hall looking in each room with an open door to see which one he's in.

I was at the very end of the hall when I found his room. I gently knocked on the opened door.

He turned looking at me with his red eyes; my blood ran cold.

"Um hey mind if I come in?" I asked nervously.

"No." He mumbled as he took off his cape.

I noticed his left hand is a metal claw.

I slowly walked in hoping I don't piss this guy off.

I sat on the bed as he stood away from me watching me.

I felt my cheeks get heated, "So uh how did Aphrodite convince you to come here?"

He leaned against the wall, "I'm ready to move on from Lucrecia."

I wonder what happened between them.

"You do realize that you might be getting married right?"

He gave a very small smile, "Of course."

"CAROLINE!!!" Rikku screamed.

"Shit gotta run." I said hurrying out of the room.

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