An Arrange Wedding My Ass!! [Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts]

On Caroline's 16th birthday her adopted mother finally comes clean about her big secret now by the Goddess of love's will she and another must choose between 11 young men to be their husband. Who will it be?


10. The Ball

Rikku and Yuna were in their dresses.

They looked beautiful.

Someone knocked on the door.

Rikku opened the door, "Cloud! Damn!"

I blushed as Rikku grabbed my arm bringing me into his view.

He stared at me in awe, "Wow Caroline, you look amazing." He smiled.

I smiled back as I blushed even more, he looked really good himself in a black suite and blue tie to match my dress.

He held out his arm, "Ready?"

I snaked my arm under his, "Yes."

We walked downstairs near the water fountain the room was filled with people in dresses and guys in either suites or tuxes.

All the guys gaped at me and Cloud; we looked hot together.

Kairi's wearing hot pink very short dress as Ven matched with a hot pink tie

This was a ball gown sorta thing but someone didn't get the memo.

Sephiroth appeared, "Lets moved to the ball room now."

Everyone went down a hallway then turned left at a huge door.

Sephiroth opened the doors into the ball room, it was huge and decorated very beautifully.

Everyone rushed in but Cloud took his time, that's something I noticed about him, he never rushes at anything.

I looked around and even saw a live band! Sephiroth went all out for this but why?

"Hey Caroline." Genesis said, checking me out, "You look beautiful," He grabbed my free hand and brought it up to his lips and planted a gentle kiss on it, I blushed and glanced at Cloud, he wasn't very happy.

"Uh thanks Gen, you look fine yourself." I flashed him a smile.

Axel, Zack, Sora and Roxas came over complimenting on how good I look, each comment made Cloud even madder.

"Come on." Cloud said, tearing me away from the boys.

The band started to play a slow song, everyone paired up then started slow dancing.

Cloud put a hand on my side as I put mine on his shoulder as our other hands were raised up clasped together.

We started moving swiftly.

"Do you know how do dance?" Cloud asked as he twirled me, all the guys stared in envy.

"Not really. I'm amazed you know how to." I giggled.

He chuckled, "Solider taught us well."

He dipped me and I squealed out of surprise then gently kissed my cheek, I was shocked by the act; this is Cloud we are talking about! I guess anything is possible.

He brought me back up and our bodies were really close.

I blush scarlet, oh my AHHHHH

"Ahem, may I have a dance?"

We looked at Ven

Cloud glared at him but let me go then walked away.

These boys NEED to take a chill pill.

Ven grabbed me by my hips and I set my hands on top of his shoulder and I noticed Kairi with a very unhappy Genesis.

The band started playing another song, I felt myself getting tired.

"You look gorgeous." Ven said, flashing a smile at me.

"Caroline!" Rikku yelled, getting everyone's attention then she rushed over to us.

I let go of Ven, he didn't want to let go at first but he did, "What?" I asked Rikku.

She giggled, "Uh hiya!" She laughed running away, I noticed she wasn't wearing heels.

I rolled my eyes at her and giggled a little, she's so silly.


I turn around it was Roxas.

I beamed at him, "Roxas!"

He smiled while blushing, "Dance?"

"Of course!"

Our dance position was like Cloud and I. He was so much shorter than me it was to cute.

I took my free hand and noogie his head.

"Hey!" He yelled as I laughed

"Oh Roxie!"

He glared at me and I was bent over laughing, I couldn't image myself marrying him, he was so much shorter and a little bit immature but people can change.

He huffed at me then walked away, I felt bad I see the triplets like brothers and there waay shorter than me but Sora was already Namine's.

I looked over at her standing in a corner talking with the girls, I started to make my way over to her.

Sora gently grabbed my arm and I looked at him, "Yes?"

I glanced at Namine, she was already looking.


I leaned close to his ear, "Namine is your girl man, dance with her."

I pulled back and he looked at me surprise, "Really? I mean you're okay with it?"

I nodded and smiled, "Of course! She's my good friend."

He smiled, very happy and walked over to her.

I felt happy, I did something right for once, yessss!

"Caroline." I heard my name said with so much disgust.

I glance at Kairi as she watched Sora and Namine dance.

"He is mine you bitch!" She growled, Sora dropped his arms and Namine looked at Kairi.

She stomp over to them.

Fuck no bitch.

I tackled Kairi from behind, she yelped as she hit the ground.

I pulled her hair and she screamed then elbowed me hard in the stomach. I cried out in pan and she use the distraction to flip me around, let me tell you something it is VERY hard to fight in a dress.

"You stupid whore!" Kairi screamed tearing my dress to shreds as everyone stood around watching.

I punched her hard in the face and she pulled my hair while hitting me repeatingly. I spit in her face then punched her cheek so hard she fell over on the side but still fighting me. I managed to get back on top, ruffles and pieces of dresses everywhere.

"Get her off of me!" Kairi screamed.

I blacked out beating the living shit out of her.

"Jesus Caroline!" Cloud yelled, he pulled me off of Kairi then brought me out of the ball room to the balcony attached to it.

My dress was tore all over the place and I tasted blood, a lot of it.

I glared at Cloud, "She would've hurt Namine!"

He crossed his arms and I saw Kairi through the glass window's, she was sitting on a chair bawling into Zexion's shirt. I rolled my eyes at her, so pathetic.

I turned around and looked at the moon as Cloud left closing the door behind him.

"Thank you."

I jumped and looked behind me, it was Namine.

I turned back around, "Yeah no problem."

She walked beside me.

I looked at her, "What's the damage?"

"Bruised eyes, cheeks, busted lip and your face is covered in blood."

I sighed, "Ow my stomach hurts."

"If it makes you feel better, one of Kairi's boob stuffers fell out."

I stifled a laugh but I couldn't hold it, "Owww!" I cried out in pain fro my stomach.

"Come on I'll take you to your room."

We hurried through the ball room getting glares from Kairi.

As we went up each step I cried out in pain, I leaned on Namine a little.

"This hurts so damn much."

"Namine take a break we got this."

We turned to see Genesis, Cloud and Zack behind us the most strongest men ever. They must've heard my cries.

Zack stood in front of me then bent down, "Get on my back."

I got on his back, I haven't had a piggyback ride in forever.

He stood and we left with Genesis and Cloud beside us. I glanced behind me and saw Sora talking to Namine, I started to smile a little then whimpered from my busted lip.

"Am I hurting you?" Zack asked worried.

"A little but this is better than walking."

We made it to my room, Zack kneed to the ground and I slid off, I whimpered as I did.

Zack stood and they looked at me.


"You look like shit." Zack stated.

"I feel like it too."

I opened my door.

"That was pretty awesome, you beat her good."

"It's better me than Namine."

I walked in my room, "Um guys this is awkward to ask but can one of you unzip me?"

I blushed as I said it, there's no telling what look they're giving each other.

"Sure." Cloud said unzipping me.

I held the front of the dress to me so nothing won't show as I turned around, "Thanks."

I closed the door then locked it.

I let the dress fall and went into my bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked awful, my stomach was covered in bruises like my eyes and cheeks, my lip was busted and Namine was right my face was covered in blood.

I took a shower getting rid of all the blood and cried a little from the pain.

I dressed in pjs and went to bed making sure I don't toss and turn.

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