I walk past "The Gang". Brandon and his little friends like to be called that. "Jenny, Brandon says calling my name. I turn around. Brandon was cute. He's the worst kid in school, but he's so nice to me. The way he talks to me and the way he acts around me is very sweet.


3. Just Act

Jennifer's Part:

"Watch and act, Brandon whispers. "What do I do,ask? "Just watch and act, he says. Olive comes to us. Brandon smirks. Brandon smiles and looks at me. "Hey babe, Brandon says pulling me gently by my waist to come to him. I feel so nervous. I've never actually had a boyfriend before. I don't know what to say but I just stick to what Brandon told me. I have butterflies in my stomach as he pulls me. "Oh.. Hi, I say.

"You look so cute today, he says giving me a kiss, he says. I look at him. Oh my gosh!! I cant believe this just happened to me. "Awe thanks babe, I say giving him a hug. "I cant help it. You're just so hot, he says beginning to kiss me. Today must be very good for me. I just want to scream because I've never had a first kiss either. I kiss him back. Olive was there the whole time.

Brandon smirks. Olive stares at us. "Do you need something Olive, Brandon asks in a rude way? "No.. Bro. I was just going to the bathroom, Olive says stuttering. "Then why aren't you there? And why are you taking your book bag to the bathroom? Do you have you period, Brandon asks? "Um.. No. "Stop watching us and get lost, Brandon says. Olive curses underneath his breath as he is walking to the bathroom. 'What? You want to start something? I could do this any day, Brandon says. "No. I'm sorry, Olive says walking into the bathroom.

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