Jenifer gets bullied a lot. her mother left her when she was little and her dad told her she was a big mistake. she has no friends and no one likes her. because of this all she is depressed but what will happen if she falls in love with one of her new neigbours?


6. meeting Zayn

Jenifer's pov

I woke up early this morning. I got out of bed and took a shower. I had a lot of time since I had nothing to do but meet Zayn at the park, so I made sure I took a long shower. When I got out of the shower I went downstairs to make some breakfast. I ate my breakfast and went back upstairs to put on my make-up. Suddenly my phone started ringing. It was Louis. 'Hey, Lou, what's up?' I asked. 'Something's wrong with Zayn.' Louis said with a hint of fear in his voice. 'What. Why what happened?' I asked him. 'I don't know where he is, and I just found XTC pills in his room.' Louis said. 'Wait he's on drugs? That's what's wrong. He is probably fine Lou.' I said. 'I'm not so sure about that.' Louis said. 'Do you want me to come over, so we can go look for him?' I asked. 'Yes please.' 'Okay I'm coming.' I said and hung up the phone. I put on my shoes and went over to Louis' house. I rang the doorbell and Louis opened. 'Great come in.' Louis said and stepped aside so I could come in. 'Where are the pills?' I asked Louis turning around to see Louis with a gun against his head. It was Zayn who had the gun in his hand. 'Zayn what are you doing?' I asked him. 'I'm done with you two flirting I know that you like Louis but you're mine.' Zayn answered. yup, he is on drugs. 'Zayn I'm no ones. 'I answered. 'Yes, you are.' Zayn said now pointing the gun at me. 'Okay calm down let's talk about this.' I said stepping closer to Zayn. When I got close enough I took the gun from him.

When he finally calmed down Louis and I made sure Zayn went to bed to sleep it all off. Louis and I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. 'Do you want a cup of tea?' Louis asked me. 'Yes please.' I said. 'So, what do you think just happened with Zayn, why do you think he would do something like that?' Louis asked me while making the tea. 'Well like you said he's on drugs.' I answered. 'No, he isn't on drugs he made me say that, so you would come over.' Louis told me. So, Zayn is not on drugs, but he must be he wouldn't do something like that if he wasn't. Right? 'No, he has to be Zayn wouldn't do something like that if he is not on drugs.' I stated. 'Well you don't know the old Zayn, he has had a pretty hard time a few years back.' Louis answered. 'What do you mean?' I asked. 'Well something went wrong with a previous relationship.' Louis said. What does he mean? 'Tell me what happened.' I almost yelled back. 'Okay, but don't tell Zayn I told you this.' Louis said. 'I swear.' I said. 'Okay so a few years back he was in a relationship with a very sweet girl called Nathalie.'


Louis' pov.

'Nathalie are you coming.' Zayn yelled from down the stairs of his house. 'Hey Zayn, where are you guys going?' I asked him 'That's none of your business.' Zayn said. 'Why are you like this. You're always trying to shut me out, why is that?' I asked him. 'Because Nathalie likes you and I know you like her too.' Zayn answered. Wait, what where did this come from. I don't like Nathalie. Well, I do but as a friend. 'I only like her as a friend, besides I have a girlfriend.' I said defending myself. 'I see the way you look at her Louis, and I see the way she looks at you, you two like each other.' Zayn said. 'Okay listen I'm not gonna let a girl come between us okay so here's what I'm gonna do. Every time she is here I'm not unless all the other boys are here too and then I'll just ignore her completely.' I answered hoping he would be okay with this. 'Fine now go she's coming.' Zayn said. I grabbed my stuff and walked out the door.

A few days later

This is the first time we're all hanging out since I made the agreement with Zayn. 'So, Louis I haven't spoken to you in a while, how have you been?' Nathalie asked me. 'Fine.' I answered as rude as possible. 'Why are you being so rude.' Nathalie asked me. 'Maybe because I don't feel like talking to you, now if you will excuse me, I have to go home.' I said. I stood up and walked to the front door. 'Louis come back.' Nathalie said. I kept walking until I heard Zayn. 'Louis, wait.' He said. He walked over to me and dragged me outside. 'What are you doing?' He asked. 'I told you I will keep my distance. Remember we had an agreement.' I said. 'What are you talking about, what agreement?' We heard a voice say. It was Nathalie. She overheard us talking. 'It's nothing Nathalie it has nothing to do with you okay.' I said. 'No, it does, I know it does. So, tell me.' She said. 'Okay look, Louis and I had an agreement that he would stay away from you for a while.' Zayn answered. 'Why?' Nathalie asked. 'Because you like him I know you do.' Zayn said. 'So, what if I like him.' Nathalie said. This girl is the queen of heartbreak. 'You know I have a girlfriend, right?' I said. 'No, I didn't, who is your girlfriend?' Nathalie asked. 'Brenda.' I answered. Nathalie started to look a little mad. 'Anyways I gotta go now so I'll talk to you later.' I said to Zayn. I got in my car and drove home. On my way home I passed a supermarket and decided to get some food since Lola was coming over tonight. She's probably already at my house. I got the food and went home. When I got home the door was open. That's strange. I walked inside and saw blood on the wall. Something is very wrong. I got my phone and called the police. 'Hello, what's your emergency?' the lady on the other end of the phone said. 'I think someone broke into my house the door was open and...' Before I could finish my sentence, I heard a scream. I ran into the kitchen and saw Nathalie standing there with a knife against Brenda's neck. I walked over to her and took the knife out of her hand. I hit Nathalie on the head which made her unconscious.

After I explained what happened the cops took Nathalie away. Zayn had already come over here and he was extremely sad about all this. It has happened before that one of his girlfriends liked me more than him but nothing like this. I decided to let him be for a moment and check up on Brenda.


'Wait so Zayn's girlfriend tried to kill yours because she wanted you?' I heard Jenifer say. 'Yeah, Brenda still has a scar on her neck from it.' I answered 'Wow that's hardcore. I'm going to check up on Zayn okay?' Jenifer said. I nodded, and she walked away.

Jenifer's pov.

I walked upstairs and into Zayn's room. He was already awake and crying. 'Hey, why are you crying?' I asked. 'Because I put you through this I'm crazy I should be locked up.' Zayn said. I walked over to him and hugged him. 'No, you shouldn't be if I would think you should be locked up I would have called the police and if you were really dangerous you would have killed me or Louis when I took the gun from you.' I said.  'You really think so?' Zayn asked. 'Yes, I do and by the way...' I stopped talking and looked Zayn in the eyes. 'What?' Zayn asked to make me finish my sentence. I kissed him. The kiss got very passionate but before we could go any further I pulled away. 'I like you more than Louis.' I said afterward. We lay down and soon Zayn and I were both asleep.



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