Jenifer gets bullied a lot. her mother left her when she was little and her dad told her she was a big mistake. she has no friends and no one likes her. because of this all she is depressed but what will happen if she falls in love with one of her new neigbours?


5. going crazy?

Jenifer's pov

When I woke up, Zayn was still asleep next to me. Oh god, what did I do? I got out of bed and got dressed. I need to figure out what to do. 'Hey how long have you been awake for?' Zayn asked me still half asleep. 'Oh, I just woke up too, listen you have to go my dad comes home today and he won't like you being here.' I said 'Oh I thought your dad wouldn't come home until next week.' Zayn said getting up and getting dressed. 'Yeah, he texted me that he was coming home early.' I said. 'Well okay then. Talk later?' Zayn asked I nodded and went into my bathroom and locked the door. I heard Zayn leave and got out of my bathroom. Why did I lie? My dad isn't coming home today. He will notice that and ask questions. It's better if I just stay home until my dad gets home.

Zayn's pov

I know she lied about her dad coming home today. What's wrong? Did I do something? Does she regret what happened last night? When I got home I went straight to my room. I tried calling her a few times but she didn't answer so I texted her.

Zayn~ Hey are you okay?Do you regret it?

She didn't answer me.

Jenifer's pov

I stayed in bed the next three weeks to avoid Zayn. He texted me a few times but I didn't want to answer him I didn't want to have this conversation just yet. 

When I woke up this morning I decided to go out and look for a job. I needed cash since my dad cut me off. I went to different shops to apply and finally got a job at a bakery. I had to start the next morning at 8 am. After signing my contract I went home and made some food. I don't eat so much these days and I have actually been losing weight. I ate half a pancake and threw the other half away.

I went upstairs a started watching some Netflix. I have been watching this series called 'the returned'. It's a good series. After a few episodes I fell asleep.

When I woke up this morning I heard my dad on the phone. He sounded very mad. Well, I think I'm gonna have to avoid him today. I got out of bed and took a shower. After the shower I got dressed and went downstairs I had to work today so I made some breakfast to go and left for work. I wrote a note to my dad that I was at work and left.

'Hey, Jenifer.' I heard someone say. Oh crap, it's Louis. 'Hey.' I replied. 'How are you we haven't heard from you in a while?' Louis asked me. 'I'm great I've just been really busy and stuff. How are you guys.' I asked. 'We're great, well kind of Zayn is pretty down lately.' Louis said. 'Oh, that sucks well I gotta go to work it's my first day so I'll talk to you later.' I said. 'Yeah sure by love.' Louis said and I walked to work.

After work, I went home. I made some dinner since it was already pretty late. I really wanted some spaghetti so I decided to make that. While I was cooking my phone buzzed. I had a text.

Louis ~ Hey, how was your first day of work? Do you wanna come over later I'm all alone and I'm bored.

Hanging out with Louis wouldn't hurt right?

Jenifer ~ Hey, it was fun. Sure I'll come over later but I'm cooking dinner now so I'll text you when I'm done.

I tucked my phone away and finished making the spaghetti. After I ate it I texted Louis that I was done. I got a reply very soon that I could come over. I got my stuff and went over to his house. I knocked on the door. 'IT'S OPEN.' I heard Louis yell. I opened the door and walked into the living room. He wasn't there so I walked over to the kitchen. he wasn't there either. 'Louis?' I yelled. 'I'm upstairs I'll be down in a second.' I heard him yell. 'Okay, I'll make some tea for us okay?' I yelled back. 'Okay love.' He yelled back. I boiled the water and got some cups. I heard the door unlock and looked into the hallway who it was. It was Zayn. 'Jenifer hey how are you? Did you get my texts?' He asked walking over to me. I walked back into the kitchen with Zayn following me. 'Yeah, I got them I've just been really busy and forgot to reply.' I said hoping he would buy it. 'Do you regret what we did, cause I actually can't stop thinking about it, about you.' Zayn said. 'Hey Zayn, What are you doing here I thought you went out?' I heard Louis say. 'Yeah, I just forgot my keys.' Zayn said grabbing his keys and leaving again. 'You wanna watch a movie?' Louis asked. 'Yeah sure.' I said. We walked over to the living room and sat down. We decided to watch Zootropolis.

After The movie ended we joked around a little before everyone else got back. It was kind of awkward between me and Zayn so I didn't want to stay here any longer. 'Hey, Louis I gotta go home.' I said. 'Already?' I nodded. 'Okay bye love I'll text you tomorrow?' Louis said walking me out. 'Yeah, sure I said hugging him. Louis has become a really good friend of mine tonight. I walked home and went straight into my room. I took a shower and lay down in my bed. I reached underneath my bed to find my box with my diary and stuff. I grabbed a few blades and cut myself again. This started to become a daily habit since what happened with Zayn. I heard my phone buzz.

Zayn ~ We need to talk can we meet up tomorrow?

He is right we do need to talk.

Jenifer ~ Yeah meet me tomorrow 3 pm at the park. But don't stay away like you did last time we met up there.

I texted back. I locked my phone and went to sleep.




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