Jenifer gets bullied a lot. her mother left her when she was little and her dad told her she was a big mistake. she has no friends and no one likes her. because of this all she is depressed but what will happen if she falls in love with one of her new neigbours?


2. Do I like him?

Niall's pov.

After an hour of talking to our new neighbors, they left to get home. Shall I tell the rest of the guys what I have heard? I think they should know I mean Zayn has a crush on her. What if I tell him first and then ask him if we should tell the others. I could also ask Louis what he thinks of telling them. 'Niall, are you okay?' I hear Liam say out of nowhere. 'Yes I'm sorry I was just thinking about something' I told him to make him stop worrying. 'Louis, can I talk to you for a second?' I asked him. He nodded and stood up.

We walked out of the room upstairs to his room and sat down on his bed. 'What is wrong mate?' Louis asked me. 'I don't know I was just thinking about telling the guys what Garry said, I think they should know but I'm not sure. What do you think?' 'I think we should tell them.' Louis told me. I nodded and stood up. I opened the door and there stood zayn.

'Zayn what's up?' I asked him. 'This isn't the first time I overheard you guys talking.' He said randomly. 'When did you?' Louis asked. 'I heard you talking about him threatening her.' He said. I couldn't take this anymore and walked to my room not listening to them.

Zayn's pov.

After Louis and Niall walked upstairs to "talk" I went up stairs to go and listen. I knew something was wrong and I really wanted to know what they were saying. I came up there pretty late but I still heard Louis say that he thinks they should tell us. Not long after that Niall walked out with louis following him. 'Zayn what's up?' Niall asked me. this isn't the first time I overheard you guys talking.' I said back. 'When did you?' Louis asked me. 'I heard you talking about him threatening her.' I said and with that Niall walked away.

'Is it true?' I asked Louis. 'I don't know he is the only one who knows and right now he seems kind of upset.' why would he be upset he is always so strong about stuff like this. Wait he doesn't have a crush on her right? I hope not. 'Maybe I should check if he is okay.' I said while walking to his room but Louis stopped me. 'Just let him be for tonight.' He said. I nodded and turned around walking to my own room.

Louis walked downstairs and when I was sure he was gone I walked to Niall's room. I'm not gonna let this go maybe he will even kill her tonight and just because Niall was sad I couldn't stop him. 'Hey Niall are you okay?' I asked. he has been crying I can see that. 'What's wrong? Why are you so upset?' I asked him. 'I just don't want her to die she is really nice.' He said crying. 'I know what room she sleeps in it is kinda creepy but maybe we should climb over to her room it is really easy from our house. that way we can make sure she is okay.' I said. 'I don't want to she'll either think I have been crying or I'm on drugs and I don't want her to think like that about me.' He said. 'Well if you don't want to go I can go alone.' I like that I want to talk to her alone. 'Would you do that the risk that you get caught is kinda high.' Niall told me. 'Yes of course I wanna make sure she is okay. But you have to help me tho.' I told him he nodded and stood up. 'Well let's go then.' He said.

We walked to my room because it is really easy to get to her house from my room. 'Okay I need you to hold the window open.' I told Niall he nodded and I climbed out of my room over to her window. she was sitting there just writing in her diary. I knocked on her window and she looked up. She walked over to her window and opened it. 'Hey Zayn, what are you doing?' She asked. 'I just wanted to talk to you.' I told her. 'Well come in then let me just lock my door.' She said and I climbed in.

Jenifer's pov.

Dear diary,

I met my new neighbors today. They are really nice and I kinda like them. There was this one guy, Zayn, he was staring at me the whole time. I didn't know what to do. OMG he just knocked at my window.

I stood up and walked to my window. 'Hey Zayn, what are you doing here?' I asked him. 'I just wanted to talk to you.' He said. 'Well come in then let me just lock my door.' I said and walked over to my door to lock it.

'Why did you lock your door?' Zayn asked me. 'Well since you came through the window I think you know that my dad doesn't want you here.' I said and looked at him. he nodded 'Yes I kind of figured that out.' He said. 'So, what did you wanna talk about?' I asked him when I went and sat on my bed. 'Well uhm, I just wanted to know if you're okay.' He asked me. 'Yes, of course why wouldn't I be?' I asked him. 'Well Niall overheard you and your dad talking when Liam and I were making tea.' He said. 'Oh...' That's all I could say. 'Was your dad serious about killing you?' He asked me. 'Probably not he tells me that is gonna kill me quite often actually.' I told him looking away. 'But he was serious or was it just a joke?' He asked me while looking at me with those beautiful eyes. wait what. Do I like him? I can't my dad will kill me. 'I think he was serious.' I said. 'Then I don't want you to stay in this house.' He said. 'Why do you care?' I asked him. 'Because we all like you, you're so nice and we really want you alive.' He said. 'But the other boys aren't here right now are they?' I asked him. 'Well no but if they knew they would be.' He said. 'Then where is Niall?' I asked him. 'He was really upset about all of this and didn't want you to see that he has been crying.' he told me. Niall cried? Over me? I don't understand. 'Why would he cry over me?' I asked Zayn. 'Well because of what I said we all really like you.' He said. 'It is really warm in here, aren't you like really hot with that jacked on?' Zayn asked me. 'Uhm no not really.' I said. Why would he ask me that he doesn't know about me cutting right? oh god it has almost been half an hour after I ate I have to get it out now. 'Zayn?' I asked Zayn to look at me. 'Yes?' 'I am really tired and I want to go to sleep.' I said. 'Are you sure you're safe here?' He asked. 'Yes I will just keep my door locked.' I said to reassure him I was fine. 'Okey then good night.' He said before climbing out of the window. I rushed over to my bathroom and put two fingers in my mouth. When I was done I flushed the toilet and washed my hands and my face. I took my jacket off and walked back in my room only to find Zayn standing there. 'Zayn why are you here you just left?' I asked him. 'Well I did leave but when I climbed into my room I heard you throw up so I turned around to see if you were okay but now you're not wearing your jacket and your scars and cuts are showing I know that you throwing up was probably not because you're sick.' He said with a dark look on his face. 'Zayn I....' I started but he cut me off. 'Why would you do that to yourself?' He asked me. 'My life isn't that easy you know. Nobody likes me and nobody ever wants me not even my parents.' I said crying. Zayn walked over to me and hugged me. 'Why are you so nice to me?' I asked him. 'Because I like you. I really like you.' He said while breaking the hug. he took my face in his hands and looked at me. 'You're beautiful you don't have to do this to yourself you're perfect just the way you are.' He said. 'I am sorry but it is really hard to believe everybody tells me the exact opposite of that.' I said him while crying even harder. 'Just believe me I promise you that I am not lying to you.' He said 'Why?' I asked him. He shook his head and let my face go. Well done Jenifer you pushed him away. 'Because I like you.' He said. 'You said that before just like all of you like me.' I said 'Yes but they like you as friends I don't it's more than that.' He said softly while looking out of my window. 'Well whatever just forget it.' He said and started climbing out of the window again. 'Wait.' I said. He turned around and looked at me. 'Why?' He asked me. 'I don't know I just didn't want you to leave.' I said. 'Why not?' He asked me. 'Because I kinda like you too.' I said while looking at the floor. Zayn walked over to me and pushed my chin up and kissed me. We pulled back and he looked at me still holding me. 'How much do you like me?' He asked me. 'I think I'm in love.' I said sarcastically. He laughed and hugged me. He then whispered something in my ear. 'I am sure I'm in love.' I pulled back from the hug and kissed him hard. I then jumped and wrapped my legs around him. He walked over to my bed and put me down. He lay over me and started kissing me again. I kissed him back and turned so I was now on top of him. He started taking of my shirt. Oh god am I ready for this? Do I tell him I'm still a virgin? I pulled back from the kiss and looked at him. 'What's wrong?' He asked me. 'I think you should know that I'm still a virgin.' I said. He pulled me back down and kissed me again. He then turned us around so he was on top of me again. He pulled back the kiss and looked at me. 'I will wait untill you're ready.' He said and lay down next to me. 'I think I am.' I said. Zayn chuckled and looked at me. 'No you're not.' He said. 'How do you know?' I asked him. 'Because I am sure you will be sorry after this.' He said and stood up. I stood up too and he walked over to me. He kissed me. 'I am gonna go home now. Don't hurt yourself okay?' 'Okay.' I said. He kissed me once again and walked over to my window. 'Oh Zayn one more thing.' I said before he climbed out of my window again. 'Yes?' He asked me. I pulled him back and kissed him. I jumped on him again. He walked over to my bed and put me down. 'You little tease, We are not going to do it tonight okay.' He said and let me go. 'Okay.' I said and he left. I changed my clothes and went to sleep.

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