Jenifer gets bullied a lot. her mother left her when she was little and her dad told her she was a big mistake. she has no friends and no one likes her. because of this all she is depressed but what will happen if she falls in love with one of her new neigbours?


4. dinner

Jenifer's pov

When I woke up I saw blood everywhere in my bed. I must have cut deep this time. I got some new sheets and cleaned my bed. It's Saturday so that means I have to work. I cleaned my cuts and put my working clothes on. I got downstairs and made breakfast. When I was done eating my breakfast I went back upstairs to put some make-up on. I usually don't put make-up on but I like to put it on when I have to work. I went back downstairs and left for work.

When I got there my co-worker Jordi was already there. 'Hey, Jenifer.' He said when I walked in. 'Hey, ' I replied. 'How are you today.' 'I am surprisingly good given the circumstances. How are you?' I replied. 'I'm fine, but what are the circumstances?' 'Wel, I was waiting for this friend in the park yesterday when my ex-boyfriend came up to me with his friends. after a while of him annoying me, he kidnapped me and..... raped me.' I replied looking down in shame. 'Oh my god that's awful, are you gonna go to the police about it?' Jordi said. 'No I never want to think about it again can we just start working?' 'Yes of course but if you ever need to talk I'm here for you.' Jordi told me.  'I know thank you.' I said and with that, we started working.

Zayn's pov

I feel awful about what happened yesterday. I should've just been there for her and now she got raped. It's all my fault. I walked downstairs and smelled bacon. I walked into the kitchen and saw Brenda cooking. 'Hey, Brenda is Louis still asleep?' I asked her. Most of the time we can't keep them away from each other so seeing her alone was very rare. 'Yes, we're the only ones awake actually. You want some breakfast?' She asked looking over at me. 'No thanks I'm not really hungry.' I said and walked out. I went back to my bedroom and laid down for a minute.

Jenifer's pov

It was 3 pm which meant I was done working for the day. I grabbed my stuff and headed over to the supermarket to get some more groceries for dinner. When I walked in I saw Niall buying some groceries too. 'Hey Jenifer, I haven't seen you in a while.' 'I've seen you two days ago.' I replied to him. 'Yes, but we didn't really talk.' He said. 'I guess not.' I said. It was kind of strange I barely know him. 'How would you like to join us for dinner tonight?' 'Oh no that's fine I'll just eat at my house tonight.' I replied hoping he would drop the topic. 'No, no I insist. I know your dad's not home and eating alone isn't fun.' I guess he's not gonna drop the topic. 'Fine I'll come over tonight.' I replied. what did I just do? I have to eat dinner with Zayn in the same room as me. 'Cool, I'll see you tonight.' Niall said and with that, he walked away. Great. I finished getting my groceries and went home.


Niall's pov

When I got home everyone was sitting in the living room. 'Hey guys, I got the groceries for tonight can somebody help me put them away please?' I asked. 'I'll help.' Liam said and stood up he grabbed a bag and walked into the kitchen. 'Oh, and btw Jenifer is coming over for dinner tonight.' I said and went into the kitchen with the rest of the groceries. 'Jenifer is coming over tonight?' Liam asked. 'Yes.' I replied. 'Zayn is probably gonna like that since he likes her.' Liam said. 'Yeah I know that's why I asked her.' I said. we finished putting the groceries away and went back into the livingroom. Zayn wasn't here anymore. I went to look for him. I looked in his room and he wasn't there. Maybe he just went to the bathroom or anything. I decided to wait for him and sat down behind his desk. When I looked out the window I saw him inside Jenifer's room. What is he doing over there? Is he arguing with Jenifer? Ohmygod he just pushed her against the wall. Okay, they are sitting down on the bed and talking. This is taking to long I'll talk to him later tonight.


Zayn's pov

When Niall told us Jenifer was coming over tonight I needed to talk to her. I don't want any awkwardness during dinner tonight. I went upstairs and climbed from my window to hers. I knew she was home but she wasn't in her room so I decided to make a noise to make her come upstairs. I went to look for something heavy that isn't breakable. I looked under her bed and found an old shoebox. I looked what was inside and found her diary and some blades with bloodstains on them. I dropped the box out of shock. Shit, that wasn't supposed to happen now she knows I saw it. I quickly picked everything up and put it back in the box and put the box back under her bed. I heard her coming up the stairs slowly. she must be scared right now. I walked over to the window so it looked like I just came in. She walked inside and saw me standing there. 'What are you doing here Zayn?' She asked. 'I wanna talk about what happened yesterday since you're coming over for dinner tonight I want to make sure we are okay enough to make it through dinner.' I said. 'I don't know if we're ever gonna be okay enough for that.' She said looking down at the ground. I walked over to here and pulled her chin up. 'DON'T TOUCH ME!!!' She yelled at me. 'Listen I really really like you and I'm sorry if I hurt you but if I knew what happened yesterday was gonna happen I would've never stood you up like that. Please forgive me?' I said. 'You found my knives haven't you?' She asked. What does she mean? I looked at her with a puzzled look. 'There is one lying on the floor Zayn. Don't lie to me did you find them?' She looked at me with the deadliest most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. 'Yes I did but I wasn't looking for them.' I said trying to defend myself. 'Get out.' she said trying to stay calm. 'No I'm not leaving this time.' 'Just get out Zayn.' She said a little angrier. 'No.' 'GET OUT!!!!' She yelled. I pushed her against the wall, I pushed her hands next to her sides and looked her straight in the eyes. 'No.' I whispered. 'I'm not letting you go until you agree to talk to me.' I said. 'Okay fine I'll talk just let me go.' I let her go and we went and sat on her bed. We talked about everything and agreed that we forgot everything that happened in the last two days for tonight and we would work it out later on. After that, I went back to my house through the window.

The dinner was nice and luckily there was no awkwardness. We talked about some stuff and I think Jenifer and Louis really get along. They have the same sense of humor anyway. After the dinner, we decided to watch a movie. 'I wanna watch "The notebook"' Liam said. No, let's watch "50 shades of grey."' Harry suggested. we all joined in on the idea and watched the movie. I noticed that Jenifer was kind of awkward watching the movie. 

After the movie, Jenifer decided to go home. 'I'll walk you out.' I said and stood up. We walked over to the door and went outside. 'You don't have to bring me home you know.' Jenifer said. 'I know but I wanted to ask you something since it's still tonight and we're still okay until tomorrow.' I replied. 'What is it?' Jenifer asked.  'Why were you so awkward when we were watching 50 shades of grey?' I asked. We got to her house and stopped. 'You want an honest answer?' Jenifer asked. 'Yes as honest as possible.' I said. 'Well, I'm not gonna tell you here cause I'm cold, come in.' She said. We walked inside her house and went over to the couch. Do you want me to make you some tea?' I asked her. 'No thank you come sit.' She said patting the seat next to her. 'I was so awkward watching the movie because I was a virgin before I got raped.' Jenifer said looking down at her hands. 'I'm sorry.' I said. 'Do you want me to leave?' I asked. She looked up at me and something happened. The expression in her eyes softened. I saw she wasn't mad at me. 'I'm sorry Zayn I never should've blamed you for what happened.' She said. 'It's okay I am kind of guilty.' 'No you're not.' She said. I didn't know what to say and neither did she so we just sat there looking at each other and then she kissed me. It was a very passionate kiss. She pulled me down so I was on top of her on the couch and started to pull on my shirt. I took it off and we continued to kiss. She pulled away and took her shirt off and pulled me down again. She started to unbutton my pants. 'Are you sure?' I asked. She nodded her head and tried to pull me down again but I refused. 'Let's at least go to your room and take the time.' She nodded her head and we sat up. I stood up and pulled her up she instantly jumped on me putting her legs around my waist and started to kiss me again. I walked upstairs and into her room. I dropped her on her bed and we continued kissing and that's the night I will always remember as the night I had sex with the most beautiful girl in the world.

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