the encounter

this is a short story that i created for a class with my friend. it follows the story of the two main characters Jumin and Cassie.


5. part v

Jumin’s POV:

    I don’t need to turn around to know that she’s following me, so I walk faster to make sure we get to my house fast. We make it to my house, and I unlock the door. She walks in and looks around.  I make a mental note of cleaning up before inviting people inside.  I throw my gun onto the ragged couch and plop down next to it as I motion for her to do the same. She delicately moves my gun and sits as far from me as possible. As this so called “Cassie” starts her story, she points her gun at me in case I choose that her story is too intense and decide to leave.

    “Wow. Demons, monsters, and politicians all in one. I knew the world was really messed up but wow.” I say completely serious for the first time in my life. Well the second but that doesn’t really matter right now. I grunt as I get up and say, “Well, what do we do? Or something like that? I think this is the part in those post-apocalyptic novels where we team up and gop save the world in the most amusing way possible”. I smile down at her and offer her my hand. She looks up at me, smirks, hits my hand away before getting up and saying, “Yeah, but you’re the comic relief.” 


Cassie’s POV:

    I get up and say, “Well, I better be on my way.” He looks at me and says, “Where do you live?” I glance at him in silence for a while. “In a tent.” He looks up shocked. “What?! I’m not letting you sleep outside. Stay the night.” I looked at him hesitantly. “Are you sure?”

He smiled wide and said, “ABSOLUTELY.” I’m so relieved that I hug him, and I’m not a hugger. He hugs me back, and I go outside so I can get my essentials from my tent that was a mile or two away. As I’m walking, I feel someone watching me intently as I weave my way through the tents of the fellow poor and homeless. I walk a little faster so that I can be there and back fast. I turn around to make eye contact with a human dressed in the all-white clothes of a government worker. It’s eyes turn completely black as it smirks at me. A demon. I start running as fast as I can in the other direction. I don’t have my weapons. Not my holy water, not my bible. Nothing. I hear a maniacal laugh as I run. Then suddenly I can’t breath and a white gloved hand covers my mouth and one is holding a piece of cold metal to my head. I move my eyes toward the metal to see a large tranquilizer gun pointed at my head. I can feel my eyes widen with fear that I’ve never felt before. The demon says “Found you.” with a hiss and then I see nothing but darkness.

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