the encounter

this is a short story that i created for a class with my friend. it follows the story of the two main characters Jumin and Cassie.


3. part iii

Jumin's POV:

It has been  10 years since everything collapsed. The government that we had worked so hard to perfect had completely morphed into our worst enemy. The select few that work for the government are showered in money and huge houses while the rest of us sweat for hours to pay for dinner. Then there are people like me. We, the assassin community, are finished with not being able to provide for ourselves and/or our families, so we took matters into our own hands by trying to kill all of the corrupt government workers. Which is, sadly, pretty much all of them now that I think about it. Oh did I mention that everything is always on fire? Well, not literally, but there are no trees or any greenery of any kind. Unless you count the plastic fake ones in the huge shopping malls that no one can afford to go to except for, you guessed it, government workers.

    Now, you may be wondering, ‘What is going on with this guy?’. And that would be reasonable since you know absolutely nothing about me. Well, I’m a 25 year old guy. I have really long black hair and I’m fabulous. I’m an orphan and I was lucky enough that the workers in a government orphanage thought I was cute or else I would be dead by now. I lived in the orphanage until I was 11, which is when they make you take a test to see what job you will have. I apparently got something that wasn’t acceptable sooooooo they threw me out of the orphanage. And now i’m an assassin. Yay backstory!!!!!!



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