the encounter

this is a short story that i created for a class with my friend. it follows the story of the two main characters Jumin and Cassie.


1. part i

Jumin’s POV:

I want ramen noodles. I leave my loaded gun on the couch and go into the kitchen, which is actually just a fridge and sink in my extremely small apartment. I open my rusting cabinet to find that I have NO RAMEN NOODLES!?!!?!!!? THIS IS A TRAVESTY!!!!!!!! OUTRAGE!!!!!!! ...Well, I guess I should go to work now.  I run back to the couch, grab my gun, and jump out the window. I run down the fire escape and towards my target’s house in the government worker part of town.

My mind is running scenarios across my eyes from my childhood as I almost fly from roof to roof. The large white hallways filled with fellow children in pastel smocks. The mean looking wardens of the orphanage. The tests that ended up in me getting thrown out of the safe houses. My train of thought is interrupted as I loudly clank on to the large stone balcony. Oops. I just finished picking the 12 lock when all of the sudden I hear a shooting sound, that I know wasn’t me this time.  I quickly open the 13th lock and swing open the door just in time to see my target fall to the ground to reveal a tall, lanky woman with short brown hair holding a silver knife. Oh. Okay, Just steal my target will ya.


Cassie’s POV:

    I knew where to find it. Hopefully it hasn’t changed yet so I can kill it fast. I had my silver dagger or pistol with silver bullets ready for anything. I walked silently throughout the house, careful not to make any noise. I heard something upstairs and quickly duck in between doors. I head upstairs to where I assume the bedroom is. I slowly open the door and see the shapeshifter. I get my pistol, dagger and flashlight out. I see the thing in the corner and shine my flashlight at it’s eyes. They flash silver. I get my dagger and run up to it and shoot him first in the chest, missing the heart. I go in for the heart with my dagger and make it. He falls to the ground and I turn around seeing a really tall guy with a ponytail standing in the doorway watching me.



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