1/6 Out of Gravity (One-shot)

The latest technology has just arrived in this advanced technological world of yours. This miraculous technology is known as a Hetaloid, a robot that is known to do all of the chores around the house. Your own personal servant, but there's more. These robots are also known to be talented singers, mainly on singing vocaloid songs. You decided to buy one, a treat for yourself. It was time to delight yourself with a little something.


1. 1/6 Out of Gravity (One-shot)

   Disclaimer: I don't own anything except this story idea and one-shot.

    In this day and age, technology ruled and was all over the place. In this booming era, every human had technology, and it truly was the booming digital Earth everyone had talked about for decades. The world where vocaloid existed as robots, instead of programs, and you could actually meet them in real life. The world where robots were the servants of humans and looked like anyone you wanted them to look like. Wanted them to look like your favorite pop star? Boom, done. Your best friend that recently moved away? Boom, done. Although, everyone you talk to can agree that the best part about it wasn't that the robots could look like anyone, but that they could also feel emotions. Real human emotions. Experiencing happiness with another person is truly wondrous, don't you agree? Those robots, they were treated as humans, like they were actually living, breathing humans.

   The future isn't what you think as of people stuck inside on their phones or electronics, but rather most were outside with their servant, enjoying the outdoors. Surprisingly, cars weren't used as much anymore, but, rather, people took buses. Those buses were environmentally friendly and didn't pollute the atmosphere in any way, shape, or form. That's right, no harmful greenhouse gases were released or anything. It sure did feel fresh to take a deep breath and inhale the oxygen. It felt clean, and wonderful. In the future, everyone was happy, with the advanced technology, and other changes. Unfortunately, robbery, murders, and gangs were never removed from the future, and they probably never will. The future isn't as peaceful as it seems. Wars still erupt frequently in countries, mass shootings occurring. Actually, some say it had gotten worse. Despite all that, people still think positively, and enjoy their lives to the fullest.


   The waxing crescent shone brightly in the cool, nighttime sky, showing off that thin sliver of white. It was a rather cool, winter night, and couples were walking around, talking and having their dates. The majority was, however, walking back home from their long, tiring day at work. This was your situation. You worked at a small company, but made enough to manage to fulfill your needs. Your boss was really strict, and made everyone work long hours. Snuggling into your beige coat some more, you fixed your pale pink scarf that hung loosely around your neck and adjusted your snow-white earmuffs. Fragile snowflakes delicately fell onto the hard, cracked pavement, and a small breeze blew by, making your (Hair color) locks fly. You exhaled, your breath clearly visible in the night. You were just exhausted, and you could fall asleep right when you flopped down on a couch, or bed. Your work just kept piling up day by day, and your boss was too stubborn to let you take just one day off. From the corner of your eye, past the bustle of people and rush of the evening buses, you spotted a small coffee shop. The perfect place to warm up. You placed your mitten covered hands on your cheeks, and started rubbing them to warm them up. 'Just a quick drink,' you thought to yourself, and began to walk across the street to the cozy shop.

   A small chime echoed throughout the small shop as you opened the door, entering the place. Warmth immediately enveloped you in a comforting welcome, and a small smile made its way onto your features. Your cheeks were burning bright red from the unbearable cold, and you could tell that your nose was about to run. "Welcome miss," a soft voice greeted you, and you turned to face a woman, about the age of twenty. She had her long, brown locks tied behind her in a ponytail, and she wore an ordinary maid costume. You guessed that it was the outfit for the employees to wear. "Would you like something?"

   "Hot chocolate would be nice," you replied. With a bow, the woman disappeared, and you took a seat at a booth, the leather seats feeling so nice underneath you. "Ah," you sighed in delight, and took off your mittens and earmuffs. It was nice to be in the warmth again. There was a small television in the corner, and you decided to tune in. The news lady was talking about a new invention made by the vocaloid company. It was something called a 'hetaloid.' Apparently, the vocaloid and Hetalia company had decided to team up. Hetalia was one of those animes you enjoyed watching, so you decided to keep your attention on the tv just a bit longer. So, the concept of these 'hetaloids' was that they were designed and programmed to act like a vocaloid, but were modeled after the Hetalia characters. All could sing any vocaloid song you requested, but you had to upload those songs to them. They do come with some already pre-uploaded songs though. Anyway, the point was that they were a personal servant and a vocaloid in one. It seemed rather interesting.

   "Here you go," the woman snapped you out of your thoughts, and placed your cup of hot chocolate down.

   "Thanks," you replied. "Quick question, do you know anything about the hetaloids?"

   "Yep," the woman replied with a smile. "I recently bought one, and I really love it. The way it works and everything. They also act like a human, and each has their own unique personality from the show."

   "Thanks again," you muttered, and took a sip of your drink. The maid then left you alone to indulge on the drink. 'A hetaloid huh? I think I'll get one.'


   A loud ding dong rang vibrated through your large apartment, and you came running to the door. Just about a week ago, you had ordered your own hetaloid, and now the wait was over. You will finally have your own servant, who can sing for you, and feel emotions. Turning the doorknob to your handcrafted, wooden door, a man stood outside, large cardboard box next to him. "Are you Miss. (Last name)?" He asked, and lifted the cap of his hat with his thumb.

   "Yes," you replied, and brushed some of your hair out of your face.

   "Sign here." Handing you the pen, you quickly signed your signature, and handed back the clipboard and pen. "Here you go."

   "Thank you."

    Pushing the heavy box into your apartment, you locked your door, and sat down on your carpet. The box was taller than you expected, and heavier too. "It's worth it though," you muttered to yourself, and walked towards your kitchen, grabbing a pair of scissors. Your apartment was large, with a living room, kitchen, a small office, and a bedroom. A couch and two armchairs rested upon a white, furry carpet in the living room, with a tv, and a laptop sitting on the couch. Your kitchen consisted of a fridge, dishwasher, and a counter, with cabinets all over. The cabinets had the usual, plates, spices, glasses, and food that aren't supposed to be refrigerated. Your bedroom had a queen sized, which surprisingly fit, a closet, bookshelves, a nightstand, and a small desk at the front. You never used the office that came with the apartment. For your load of paperwork, you used the small, cherry wooden desk located in your bedroom.

   Handling the scissors as a knife, you ripped the package open, throwing the scraps on the side. Not long after, white stuffing came flowing off, and a life-size England stood inside the container, sleeping peacefully. He had his own uniform on. He's dressed in a green military uniform attire, with a leather, brown belt. His messy blonde hair looked realistic, and of course, he had his signature eyebrows. Slowly lifting your hand, you placed your dominant hand on his bed of hair. It felt exactly like human hair. You slowly started to move your hand along it, feeling the texture, and the way it felt in between your fingers. It was as if you were ruffling a human's hair. You began pondering on about if his skin felt humanlike. Sure that the hetaloid won't move, you placed your hand on his cheek, and your eyes widened. The creators did an amazing job on making it feel lifelike. Was this really a robot?! "It's so soft," you murmured, and began stroking his cheek. England looked so peaceful when he was asleep. It made him seem rather cute. With a blush on your face, you mentally slapped yourself. After all, this is a robot! There was no way that you could fall for him, even though if he was pretty attractive. You noticed a plastic bag lying around. It must have fell out when you had opened the box. Kneeling down, you picked up the bag, and realized that it was just clothing. The one you picked up was England's pajamas, which was a white top, with a small print of the United Kingdom flag in the upper left corner. It also came with an extra pair of boxers, which had the pattern of the Union Jack. You blushed, and put the clothing back. Picking up the manual, you started to read the basic information, how to wake him up, taking care of him, et cetera. "To wake him up, press on the button that is just below his bed of hair," you read aloud. Still looking at the manual in your hands, you blindly reached out, and started to find the button on the back of his neck. It just felt kind of awkward, since he felt exactly like a human. "Got it," you strained, and pressed, causing England's eyes to flutter open, revealing the emerald orbs you had come to love.

   "Hello master," England said in his voice. Wow, he didn't sound robotic at all, in fact, he sounded the exact opposite. England sounded just like how he had sounded in the anime. However, he did have a British accent, which was an added bonus because of how beautiful the accent sounds. Stepping out of the box, England then bowed down. "I'm the hetaloid, England, and I've been programmed to take care of my master, and to sing songs to my master."

   "Eh?" The greeting caught you off a bit, but you regained your composure quickly. "I-I'm (Your name), your master." After that was said, England stood back up, and you did not imagine him to be this tall. Five nine. He was five feet and nine inches, taller than you by a few inches.

   "How are you love?" England then asked, and took your hand, planting a soft kiss on it. Pink tinted your cheeks at the new nickname he had given you. Now, this was the England you were used to, being a gentleman to women.

   "I'm fine," you awkwardly responded.

   "That's good to hear."

   "Well, I'm going to bed." England blinked once, and noticed your attire. You wore a long-sleeved, blue pajama that was all fur, and had snowflake design all over it. The bottom was the exact same design as the top.

   "Very well," England replied, and bent down, picking up the plastic package. "I'll be changing into my own now." Blushing, you turned to face the other way, so that England wouldn't have to change with you watching him. Why did this feel so awkward? "You can turn around now." Making swift movements, your eyes widened, and you couldn't help but stare at him. He just looked so....attractive. "Why are you staring love?"

   "I-It's nothing," you muttered, and began walking towards your bedroom.

   "By the way, do you have any spare blankets, it's kind of cold."

   "You....can feel.....the conditions of the weather?" You slowly pondered.


   "W-Well, there are some on the couch already, so feel free to take those."

   "Thanks." Slowly and awkwardly nodding, you headed off to your own room.

   You flopped down onto your large bed, covered with sheets of (Favorite color) and (Second favorite color). Quickly being enveloped by the welcoming comfort of the blankets, you let out a sigh of relief, and climbed into the warm cavern of heavy, winter blankets. It didn't take you long to doze off really. All of that work that you had today was exhausting. It seemed like your boss was giving you more and more by the day. Leaving consciousness, you instantly fell into a deep sleep, but not before hearing England softly singing a few lines.

   "Someday, I'll break the chain of gravity

     And take you to the satellite."


   As your alarm went off, signaling the start of another snowy day, you threw off your covers, quickly being greeted by the cold air. A shudder ran through you before you got out of bed, slipping into your comfy, red slippers. You dart your (Eye color) hues towards the long window that was in your bedroom. Outside of the pearl clear glass, the sky was still dark, making it seem like it was night. One of the many joys of it being the season of Winter. For a few seconds, you watched as drops of snow made their way onto the streets. "Had it really been snowing all night?" You muttered the question to yourself, and took off your pajama top. You randomly picked out a red turtleneck shirt, and slipped it on. The company where you worked didn't have a specific uniform or anything. Everyone showed up wearing anything, some of your colleagues showed up looking like they just rolled out of bed. Along with the turtleneck, you put on some jeans, and exited your room.

   Immediately, you were hit with an appalling smell. You let out a small fit of coughs, and waved your hand dismissively in the air. Just then, your fire alarm went off, detecting smoke. The whole hallway seemed to be covered in the thick, black fumes. "Dammit!" A curse bellowed from the kitchen. You let out a sigh as you knew what had happened. Your hetaloid was trying to cook, wasn't he?

   "Arthur," you called out, and started to walk towards the kitchen. Once you got there, you saw England desperately trying to fan out the smoke, while the alarm rang.

   "This wasn't supposed to happen!" England exclaimed, an irritated look on his features.

   "Are you alright?" Worry was hinted in the tone of your voice.

    "O-Oh!" England turned around, to be met with your agitated expression. "Good morning master. When did you wake up?"

   "Just call me (Name)," you responded, and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl you had on the kitchen counter. "I was just about to head out to work, until I heard the fire alarm go off, and the giant haze of smoke in the hallway."

   "Sorry about that ma-," England seemed to be hesitant for a bit. "I mean (Name)." Then, he went on, explaining what had happened. "I just wanted to cook breakfast for you, but it seems like I cooked the eggs for too long."

   "It's fine," you replied, finishing up your banana. "I need to head out now, so take care of the apartment."

   "I just need to give you this." You looked up at your hetaloid with confusion, but then caught the item he had thrown to you. It seemed like a white, round, plastic circle, with a bright red button in the center. "If you are in any sort of trouble, just press the red button, and I'll be there to help you," England carried out to explain.

   "Why do I need this anyway if I can just call you?" You flicked your wrist, and let go of the plastic, letting it soar through the air before catching it.

   "It's just that everyone with a personal servant has one," he responded. "I guess that the companies decided to give it to everyone just in case you are in a problem where you can't use your phone." Turning on the faucet, England began to wash his face from the black streaks that were on him.

   "Well, I'm going now." You started to head for the door, then stopped when you heard England.

   "See you after love," the hetaloid replied, walking to you. Giving you a quick peck on the forehead, England then turned back to start cleaning the kitchen. A blush was clearly present on your cheeks, but you shook off what had just happened, and headed out after putting on your winter coat. However, before you left, you heard England sing a few more lines.

   "Looking for you in the town

   I wondered about the night street."

   A small smile was present on your face as you heard England sing. It truly was soothing to hear him sing in his thick accent. Softly smiling, you closed the door behind you, as you started to walk towards your workplace.


   "How was everything today, Arthur?" You asked on the phone. You had just currently finished your work hours, and was walking home. People surrounded you on every angle, as the snow continued to fall.

   "You don't have to call me Arthur," the hetaloid replied. "Also, everything was just fine."

   "I'm on my way home, so I'll see you in awhile. Bye."

   "Bye." With those words said, you clicked end on your phone, and stuffed it back into your pocket. Tonight wasn't as cold as the other nights, so that was a bonus.

   'I can't wait to see England,' you thought, and smiled. Everything now seemed perfect. You were no longer alone at home, and you were living with one of your favorite characters from Hetalia. You couldn't have asked for more. In a flash, a hand was over your mouth, and on instinct, you let out a muffled scream. The grip was tight however, and your screams weren't heard as the mysterious figure dragged you into an alleyway.

   Back against the hard, brick wall, your captor had stuffed a ragged cloth into your mouth. Your hands and legs were tied with thick, scratchy rope, and you were sure that they would leave red marks. Your eyes were also covered with a white cloth, and your heart began to beat rapidly. Sweat came out in the form of bullets, and your breathing had quickened. You were hyperventilating, panicking. "That's a good girl," the captor cooed, and you felt his cold finger caress your warm cheek. "You'll be coming home with me." His hot breath hit your face and it reeked from the smell of alcohol.

   'This guy is drunk,' you thought, and unpleasant thoughts entered your mind.'What if he tries to abuse me?!' With that racing through your mind, you tried to wriggle out of the rope, but it was no use. They were on tied too tightly, and the rope just rubbed against your skin whenever you made movements, which caused the rope to scratch and burn your skin. As anxiety began to take your mind over, England's words came to your mind.

   "If you are in any sort of trouble, just press the red button, and I'll be there to help you." You remembered that you attached the button to your purse, so it seemed like a keychain. Blindly moving your arms, you started to search for your purse. I must be near you. At last, the cool, leather skin of the purse was pressed against your hands, and you quickly tried to press the red button. It had worked, but you weren't sure if you pressed it hard enough, or if the message even got to the hetaloid.

   Meanwhile, England was currently seated on your couch, reading a mystery novel. "Where is she?" He asked aloud, and started to grow worried. He had started to develop and feel human emotions. Sadness, happiness, anxiety. When he was with you, happiness would surge through him. Although, he shrugged off that feeling, thinking that every robot was programmed to do that or something. As he put the book down, he noticed a bright red glow from the corner of his eye.'(N-Name) is in trouble?!' Before anything else happened, England was out there with a snap, and was out there, looking for (Name).

   Fresh new cuts and bruises now covered up part of your arm. Your face had a slight cut that was leaking fresh blood. When you had tried to escape, or possibly manage to strike him, the knife would go right through your skin. He had also kicked you in the ribs, causing you to lose your breath, and pain started to spread throughout your fragile form. You could practically smell the metallic scent of your crimson blood stained on the knife. "Better behave, bitch," the man spat, and kicked you in the gut. This action caused a splatter of blood to eject from your mouth as you coughed up the crimson liquid, staining the cloth that was stuffed in your mouth. His footsteps drifted off into the distance, and you were sure that he had just left you there in the dark, damp alleyway.

   'So, it was just for abuse. No reason, but just for plain, old abuse.' The thought agitated you, to know that there were people like that in the world, probably taking pleasure in the pain and suffering of others. Sadists, that guy was one of them.'I want to go home,' you thought.'All I wanted was to go home.' Then, a tear left your eye, and stained your cheek. It dropped onto the cement, making a soft drip. You hadn't realized that you had started to silently weep. You were always a strong, independent woman, and never liked to show any signs of weakness. However, you have also never been attacked. You couldn't even do anything. There, seated in a dark alleyway, back against a wall of bricks, you were silently crying, weeping, showing a sign of weakness. You couldn't take it. All you wanted was to be home, relaxing, your hetaloid by your side, but no. You just had to be attacked. You just had to.

   "(Name)!" A familiar voice called out. Footsteps approached you, and your vision came back as the blindfold was ripped off. "(Name)," England muttered again when you saw you. "Thank God you are okay." You were then engulfed in a hug, and you could feel England's tears on your clothing. England then took out the blood covered cloth in your mouth, and untied your arms and legs, causing you to rub the burns. "Let's get you home."


   Lying on the sofa, your feet were rested on a small coffee table, and England was there, wrapping up all of those cuts and bruises. "Are you alright?"

   "Yeah," you weakly responded. On the way back to your apartment, the hetaloid had carried you all that distance. You were lucky you had a personal servant, or you would have been stuck there until someone stumbled upon you. An ice pack was pressed against your right eye, and a bandage was placed over that small cut you had on your cheek.

   "Your voice on the phone

   Made me nervous for some reason."

   The soft melody reached your ears, as England sang softly to himself. "Sing louder," you insisted, which caused England to look up at you. "I like it when you sing." The lyrics were what happened to you, the unfortunate event that took place earlier today.

   "When I found you, your eyes were red

   Don't pretend nothing has happened."

   That was more like it. Smiling as England highered his voice, you lied back down on the couch, and enjoyed his soft voice singing one of your favorite vocaloid songs.

   "I just can't leave you sinking in a dark swamp

   Someday, I'll release the chain of gravity

   And the satellite will fly around space

   Your weight will be 1/6 there."

   Before England could continue on, your soft breathing filled the room, and you had slowly drifted out of consciousness. "She's already sleeping," the hetaloid muttered to himself. "She went through a lot today." As careful as he could be, the Brit gently lifted you up, carrying you bridal style towards your large room. "Goodnight master."


   A month had passed since you got your hetaloid. You were glad that you had ordered him, because he kept you company and you loved England's singing. It was just angelic through your ears. You started to grow attached to the British man, and you found yourself daydreaming about the robot. He wasn't just a robot though. In your eyes, he was the one you were destined to be with. Although that past month had been joyous, your work pile just kept on growing, and the memory of the night of that attack still never went away. Nights were frequently filled with nightmares that haunted you, and you were never able to go to sleep. You always dozed off in the middle of work, which was one of the reasons for the pile of work. England, being the sweetheart he is to you, tried his best to help you. You made him sleep with you, stay by your side at all times, and called him frequently just to hear his soothing voice.

   "Do you need any help love?" Arthur asked for the millionth time.

   "I'm fine," you responded, and went back to working on your paper. The metallic robot let out a sigh at your stubbornness, and sat down beside you.

   "Alright, but if you need help just call."

   "Got it." A smirk plastered across England's face as he got an idea. Slipping on his forest green coat, he handed you your red one, but you just stared at him, confused.

   "Trust me," he had just replied, and helped you in the coat.


   The snow that had been going on for the past few weeks had created large piles of the soft substance on the streets. The lampposts were littered with glistening snow, and the snow just kept on falling today. You fixed your earmuffs that covered your ears, and fixed your scarf, as England walked beside you, smiling at your small gestures. "Where are you taking me anyway?" You asked, and didn't notice when England had quietly slipped his hand into yours.

   "You'll see soon love," you heard him murmur.

   The stars were out on this night, dotting the sky. They provided little light, but a beautiful scenery. The moon was full, and could be seen from all angles. It was just another Saturday night in January. Standing atop of the famous tower that was located in the city, you gazed up at the sky, breathless. It was stunning, and you had forgotten about the cold that surrounded the city. You forgot about the hetaloid standing by your side. All of your attention was glued on the dark sky, lit only by the moon and stars. "It's beautiful," you muttered under your breath. "Why did you bring me here?" Within seconds, you noticed England holding your hand, and staring at the night sky.

   "You know that your weight would be one-sixth of what it would be here on the moon," he had responded.

   "Yeah," you mumbled, confused at the robot's response.

   "Well," he continued on. "I saw how much work you had to do, and all of the stress that was put on you. I figured that on the moon, since your weight would be lighter, that your stress would also be lighter. I thought that it would probably one-sixth of its weight on here too, but I knew that I couldn't take you to the moon, so I figured that maybe by spotting the moon from a high height, that your stress would possibly be less heavy." After he was done speaking, a small blush had formed on his cheeks, but it was sweet of him. Sure, it was childish, but it was still thoughtful and sweet. "I also want you to be able to trust me." You were bemused at this statement.

   "I do trust you though."

   "I don't feel the trust. It's like you don't fully trust me, or believe that I'm capable of taking care of the apartment." England looked at you now. "I just want you to be able to trust me and tell me what's going on in your life. I'm capable of many things, (Your name). I'm a Hetaloid after all." There was that sweet smile of his.

   "England," you mumbled, and the hetaloid had started to softly sing the sweet, melodic song. Your heart grew wings and fluttered away softly, fluttering away at the sweet tune. After a while, you thought that it would be nice to join in, surprising England by your voice. "You sound beautiful," England commented, then continued singing.

    England was now gripping onto both of your hands, and pulled them close to his chest. You can trust me.You could hear him say that through his silent actions. The fragile snowflakes still settled on the ground, and continued to fall. The moon was still up in the sky, along with the stars as the two of you finished the song. That night, a Saturday night on a wintry, January night, where the winds softly bellowed, the feeling of being safe emerged. It truly was a sign of trust.  


  "Someday, I'll break the chain of gravity and take you to the satellite."  

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