Zero i girl of black and white finds her self in love with a puppeteer. They are both dark and creepy (Go Creepypasta)


5. Chapter five

As Zero grabbed Josh’s shoulder Josh blushed as he had saw the beauty of the beast underneath the scary part of her.

Josh: you’re beautiful Zero

Zero: *Growls* Alice told me to Spare your life I don’t think so anymore!

Then out of nowhere a bright yellow thread grabbed Lilly and Josh. Zero couldn’t believe it what she could see as she grabbed her jackhammer ready to kill. When she tried to get Lilly and hit her but Lilly moved without trying, she tried again still didn’t hit her. Intel Zero heard a laugh it sounded like a man’s voice, then the puppeteer jumped down and looked at Zero.

Puppeteer: *Laughs* that was fun

Zero: was not! *Tries to hit him*

Puppeteer: *Moves* Missed me

Zero: Stay still! *Tries again*

Puppeteer: no you stay still

Then Puppeteer controlled Zero with his strings and kept her still and looked at her and fell in love so he played dirty to see what would happen. So he said “You have a jackhammer? Ha a girl like you shouldn’t have something as big like that you’ll fall over you little girl”


Puppeteer: and the way you tried to hit this girl… like a bad girl*Smirks*

Zero: *Blushes* DON’T CALL ME THAT

Puppeteer: aww your blushing you are a bad girl aren’t you

Zero: *Blushes bright red* LET ME GO!

Puppeteer: you know this dude is right you are beautiful

Zero: Let go of me now! *Starts to cry* I’ll kill you

Puppeteer: You’re just hanging by a thread

Then Zero cried as Puppeteer watch his crush cry then Zero said “please I’m begging you just let me go” Puppeteer smiled and let her go and be free as Zero cried. Puppeteer felt bad and hugged her tight and said “it’s okay to kill but let these two be just for now…there only kids they know nothing of the world and now they know who you are they will leave you alone” Zero cried some more and said “I-I can’t stay here I don’t belong here I should be alone I’m a monster!”. As she was about to run off Puppeteer grabbed her and pulled her closer and swayed her.

Puppeteer: You can stay with me

Zero: I don’t even no you?

Puppeteer: oh where is my manners I’m Puppeteer

Puppeteer: I’m puppeteer

Zero: Puppeteer? *Laughs* where did you get that name?

Puppeteer played with his strings then said” Well I control people I don’t know how I got the name but yeah”


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