Never Going Back

Kristen Montez is loving her life until her father (The King) marries Anne. Now Anne is going to be Kristen's mother. But Kristen will never consider Anne as her mother. Anne is just not fit for Queen. Anne is making Kristen's life miserable. But when Kristen finds out that she has to go to vampire village for no reason, she thinks its no big deal. Until, she finds out the truth.


1. Vampire Village

Kristen's Part:

I walk into my father's room. Anne was there of course. Guards were blocking the door. As soon as I walk inside, the guards close the door. "Kris, Anne says. "Yes mother, I  say. I had to call her mother. They look at each other and shake their heads. "I cant believe you, father says. I'm so confused. "What cant you believe, I ask? My father looks at me in a angry way. "Kristen Marie Montez! Stop playing games, he says in a harsh way. "What games, I ask? My father and Anne both sigh. "You're grounded, she says. I look at her.

Ever since father married Anne, things have been impossible with her. I have to call her mom and deal with her. I'm really getting tired of her! I sort of heard her saying something about sending someone to Vampire Village. I don't even know what that is but shes talking about me. It might be wierd if they sent me to Vampire Village because i'm the only human that might be there. I guess ill be cool with it.

"You know what Anne. Ground me for something that i did not do! Ever since you came into this family you have been trying to find ways to get rid of me. You and I both know that, I say with an attitude. She looks shocked. Father looks furious. "That's it! You're going to Vampire Village where they could teach you a lesson to not be so disrespectful, he says. "Are you serious, I ask? "Yes go pack your stuff, Anne says. OMG! I just feel like cursing at her. I walk out and slam the door. I run to my room. Fine! They want to get rid of me? I'll be happy to leave. I pack my clothes. Once i'm done, I take a shower. I'm so mad. Once i'm done taking a shower, I go to my bed and fall asleep until its dinner. 

When I wake up, I go downstairs. Father and Anne are both eating. I look at them in a rude way. "Nice. You guys did not make me food like you usually do. How selfish just because you guys are mad at me, I say. I walk to the kitchen and grab a bag of chips. I start to walk back up the stairs. " Where are you going Kristen, father asks? "To my room. I want to be alone, I say going to my room.


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