A short but sad story of me.

A short but sad story of me by Dean

This is the story of me so far.
So read and learn about what bully's do to people.



1. me.

A short but sad story of me

By Dean

When I was 4 I didn't want to dress up with the other girls and play princess,

I wanted to play with the boys and be army men and play football.

When I was 6 i didn't want to put on makeup and have boyfriends,

I wanted to play fight and run with my friends that are boys,

But then when i grew older around 8 or 9, the girls hated me because I was different and the boys didn't want me to play because I was a girl.

So I was alone, sitting behind the trees in the playground trying to dodge bully's as I did.

Then one day whilst I was alone I heard a voice, crying.

So I went and found the person it came from and it was a boy, I went and spoke to this boy and it just so happened this boy was like me, but opposite.

He didn't want to play football with the other boys. He wanted to hang out with the girls and let them put nail polish on him,but in everybody else's opinion that was 'gay'.

He was alone just like me so we decided to be alone together. We ran around and helped each other out whilst we nicked a nail polish of one of his bully's and I painted his nails.

Then came the time when i was absent and He got in a fight with his bully and came in the next day with a black eye and i was furious and said "why didn't you fight back?!" And he replied "I don't know how".

So i taught him to throw a punch and he taught me how to paint nails like a pro.

We had each other's back and we kicked ass with badass nails when we needed to, just us against the world.

We sword fought with sticks until we were told not to, we made bows and arrows out of elastic bands and branches from trees.

We loved each other.

But then one day we wanted to be more than friends but we didn't tell each other. He found me crying one day behind a tree, he came up to me asked me what was wrong and I lied saying I just hurt my leg but really it was because a bully said he was never my friend and he hates me.

In the end I told him the truth and he nearly cried at how upset I was. So when we was alone he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me into a hug and said words I'll never forget,

"i couldn't imagine what life would be like without you, I love you.".

Now I'm 14 and we're in high school, but not the same school as he is. I hardly see him anymore,

Sometimes once a fortnight,

Sometimes once a month,

Sometimes never.

I'm alone again, but this time it's different. It's different because I'm not just sad,I'm depressed.I'm not just scared, I have anxiety.

Im trying to remember the good days when I was happy, but I'm alone and nobody notices the tears on my cheeks or the scratches on my arms,

because I hide myself from social interaction. I don't speak unless spoken to or if absolutely necessary.

I am bullied for being so quiet and different. I can't cope with this anymore and I feel like I'm drowning but I can't die.

So if you are one of the people that like to bully people for being different think about what your doing to us and also, fuck you.

But if your like me and feel the same way keep holding on to the good times and well, keep on keeping on I guess.

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