Voldemort's Children

Tom and Nerissa Riddle are two orphans, stuck in a boring orphanage in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, an old man with half moon spectacles turns up with information that will change their lives forever...

Join the Riddle twins on a breathtaking quest to discover the truth. Who can they trust? What is Magic, truly? And most importantly, who are their parents?


2. The Story

~ Nerissa's POV ~

And so the old guy in the dress took us into a private little room near the old troll's office.

I won't bother to go into detail about what he said, it was long, and strange, and complicated, and I got a little lost at some points, but here are the things that I payed the most attention to;

After vague comments about the weather, he settled down in the hard little wooden chairs and then stood again, taking out a longish wooden stick out of his belt. He waved it and with a flash of violet light mixed with shots of white like lightening, all the chairs in the room turned into comfy armchairs.

'What did you do?' Me and Tom demanded at the same time, trying to act much less shocked than we actually were.

'This, my dear children, is called magic,' He said, holding up his wooden stick in his long fingers. 'And this is a wand...'

'I used it partly to improve the quality of the, dare I say it, highly uncomfortable chairs, and also to show you what you will soon be able to do.

'Yes, Tom, Nerissa,' He said softly, looking at us strait into the eyes. His eyes twinkled. 'You are both magical, a witch and a wizard. You have magic in your blood. Like I myself and the relatively few witches and wizards that inhabit this earth.'

My first thought was of the green witches with warty noses and green skin, flying about with their black cats and cackling. But it dawned to me that this was deeper, more real, more fascinating than the stereotypical warty witch. This was real.

'Of course!' I muttered, 'it explains everything...

'Weird things happen when either me or Tom are angry, upset, scared, exhilarated. And we can speak to snakes. Is that a different, a rare thing for a wizard or witch to do?' I asked, a mad smile filling my face.

Dumbledore looked slightly grave. 'It is, you might say, a unique ability. We call it Parseltongue.

'You need to learn how to rein your magic, to control it and use it only when you mean to. And in that case, I ask you to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, were we teach you how to do exactly that. I am the headmaster there.'

'Is this a trick?' Tom interrupted, suspicion filling his face. 'Are you actually a doctor, the "magic" special effects, and this school is a mental hospital?'

'I swear on my beard that I am not lying to you,' Dumbledore said gravely, and produced two thick yellow letters out of the air. They both had red wax seals, crests, and our addresses. He offered them to us and we seized them. Tom tore the envelope in his eagerness to open it.

I read the invitation to join, the list of things we needed. "I'd rather be there than in this hell", I reasoned in my head.

'We haven't got any money,' I stated to Dumbledore clearly.

'That is easily taken care of.' He said, and produced a large velvet bag from his pocket. He handed it to me cautiously.

I weighed it in my hands. It was heavy.

'Where do we get our things?' Tom asked, walking over to me and inspecting a thick gold coin he'd pulled out of the sack.

'Diagon Alley, in London,' Dumbledore said, and handed us a slip of paper covered in slanted handwriting.

'Of course, if you wish, I can come with you and help you with your shopping ?'

I hesitated. 'Its ok, we'll do fine on our own.' I stated blatantly. Tom nodded next to me.

'How do we get a wand?' Tom asked.

'You need to go to Ollivanders, the best wand shop in all of the world if you ask me.' Dumbledore said. 'To go to Diagon Alley you need to find a Pub called the Leaky Cauldron, which is hidden from muggle eyes, as you may notice. The barman there has the same name as you, Tom.' Dumbledore addressed my brother. 'He'll show you what else you need to do.'

He stood. 'Well, if you will excuse me, I have other business that needs attending to.' He smiled not unkindly.

As he went to get out of the door, he stopped, and turned to us one more.

'Goodbye Tom, Nerissa,' He said softly. 'Until our next meeting!'

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