Voldemort's Children

Tom and Nerissa Riddle are two orphans, stuck in a boring orphanage in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, an old man with half moon spectacles turns up with information that will change their lives forever...

Join the Riddle twins on a breathtaking quest to discover the truth. Who can they trust? What is Magic, truly? And most importantly, who are their parents?


4. Ollivanders

~Nerissa's POV~

The rest of the day passed so quickly.

We bought two pewter cauldrons, a ton of potion ingredients ( powdered unicorn horn, newts eyes, pickled bat wings, and so on...), and cool stuff for astronomy that were crazy complicated bits of equipment.

We also went to the pet shop. Tom got a snake which he called Apophis, and I got a ginger and white cat with thick fur and golden eyes. I called her Jules.

We also got several books and other essential things, until, finally, we were able to get the thing I was looking forward to get most of all; wands! The source of magic! The seemingly plain wooden sticks, with power entwined in the wood! Spells, hexes, charms, curses... we could do all that with wands, and more! My twin shared my excitement- his face was filled with twisted pleasure as he stroked Apophis's scaly green head. He spoke to him in a breathy, hissy language that flowed naturally through his lips. I, of course, understood every word. The snake, who was wrapped around Tom's neck and shoulders, turned his unblinking eyes to me and stuck his tongue out at me. I smirked, and he turned back to Tom to continue their conversation. We learned Apophis was from Australia, and that he was seven years old. Several people gaped at us as we walked by; strange, dark, mysterious children, conversing with a SNAKE? I must say it all sounded very odd. But it all felt natural. For the first time in 11 years, I felt FREE, released from the bonds of the orphanage, free, at last, to be ME!

Magic flowed through my veins, and no longer would I need to constrain it! I stared in wonder at my hands as if I'd never seen them before; I felt newly born ! Laughing gladly at the wonder and beauty of the new world that I was part of; the world that was part of ME; I spun around and around, laughing gladly and clutching my bemused cat. Tom smiled for the first time in years at that moment. He knew exactly how I felt.

Then, at last, we stood in front of the wand shop; Ollivanders. A ancient shop, painted in peeling black paint, with faded swirling silver letters announcing the name above the window.

As we entered, a little jiggly bell rang to announce our arrival. The shop was cluttered, with hundreds of long, thin boxes scattered around the room or piled up in the many shelves. Dust particles floated around the shop. No one sat at the counter, and no one had reacted to the noise the bell made. We were completely alone... seemingly.

Still stroking Apophis's head, Tom strode forward and rang the small silver bell at the counter.

Moments later, a old, skinny man with grey curly hair and huge grey eyes shot out of the shadows. He stared at us unblinkingly with his enormous, luminous eyes and started muttering stuff under his breath. Both Tom and me stared. I had kind of expected some awesome huge wizard to pop up to thunder and lightning, but no. We got this little old freak who talked to himself.

'Strange...strange indeed...' I caught his mutter, among other things. I cleared my throat.

'Er, can we speak to Mr Ollivander please?' I asked, and his creepy eyes turned to me. 'Forgive me,' He said in a high, querulous voice. 'I am forgetting my manners... I am Ollivanders. But this is a very strange occasion indeed. I remember your father coming here and ordering a wand as if it was yesterday... Phoenix feather core, and the wood was-'

'Excuse me sir, can we have two wands?' Tom said, quietly and emotionlessly.

'Ah... yes. Yes, of course. Come, young Riddle.' Ollivanders said softly, staring at Tom, his eyes like two glowing moons.

He took my brothers arm and led him to the center of the room, where he started measuring his legs, arms, fingers, head, feet, ankles, and neck. Soon enough, he left the measuring tape to measure Tom by itself, and went to rummage in the shadows. Apophis looked alarmed at the measuring tape whipping around the air at its own accord, and slithered off Tom to fall onto the ground with a loud thud. He came and slid around my feet. 'Don't be scared, Apophis.' I whispered soothingly, stroking his scaly head.

'Whipping... Biting... hurting massster...' Apophis hissed back.

'Nah, it's just an... errr... thing that will help him control his magic powers better?' I mumbled to the snake as best as I could. He seemed to understand, and relaxed, but I noticed him still staring at Tom, who was standing in the middle of the room with his back to us and his arms outstretched as the tape spun about him, sort of like a scarecrow. I lifted the cage with my new angora cat, Jules, in it and tickled her behind her whiskers, something that she seemed to like. She stared at me, her gold eyes looking into my green ones, and shifted on her cushion. I wondered how Miss Allistar would react to pets in the orphanage. Even though I never wanted to go there ever again, Dumbledore had made it clear that we would have to stay there for holidays and also wait there till September.

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