She Dies. The World Dies.

Who is she? No one knows. But if she dies. Everyone goes.


1. Prologue


Long ago,

The world was over run with crime.

The crime was so horrible that crime lords began to take over the government and the few good people left in the world were forced underground. The criminals took the "Up" world or the world above ground while

Thieves began stealing from robbers and gangs murdered thieves. All of Earth became a complete and utter madhouse.

In the midst of the chaos, a secret group of scientists began a project to restore the earth to its former peace. Two of the scientists were a couple who gave up there two-week old daughter to the experiment. Their objective wasn't to harm the child, but to help her to save the world from itself. They injected her with a genetic mutation that would link her DNA with the DNA of every human on Earth.

If the girl was injured, then everyone in the world would feel her pain. The scientists were going to remove the crime by installing fear and pain. The only downside was, if she died, then the whole world would die with her.

In order to counter this "minor" side-effect, the scientists found a way to create an immunity to the new link. They created a never before seen strand of DNA that the girl's mutation could not link to and injected themselves as well as four other children, two boys and two girls. The DNA did not hold together in the adults bodies. The scientists died within three days of injection, but the children, deemed the Great Five, were healthier than ever.

The five children were kept with their parents until the oldest child's (Peter's) twelfth birthday. Then, they were implanted with false memories and sent around the globe to separate bunkers.

The DNA changes caused the children's hair and eyes to gradually change color constantly. The children had to stay underground and they were forced to move bunkers if they began to have any serious relationships, wether they were romantic or between them and a father figure or anywhere in between.

The children were not told about the experiments or their changed genetics.

I hope that you guys like the story. I will try to update it frequently. Please tell your friends.


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