emily's life

emaily has a great life,all she has wanted since she was little is a Rich Boyfriend and to have a life,read it to find out more about this story


1. just the begginning

Emily is just four years old and has a crush on a boy named Jacob in her year level .He asked her out on a date for when they turn 13 "I have been waiting for this!!OF COURSE!!" screamed emily.neally every girl love jacob but only one girl has true love with jacob.


ALL the girls were jealous ,now this was really a problem ,because ,they started to teas and teas and teas Emily ,but she  had enough and replied this "yeah well I just think that your jealous because Jacob chose ME ad not YOU."teas her again  ...and you'll learn about it!" protecting Emily "thank you so much "she replied


the girls learnt not to mess with Emily ...because she has Jacob now,and no-one messes with him then no-one messes with Jacob.the girls started to use Emily just to be with Jacob ,"come on Em' let them come,because that was 10 years ago  ...we're 14 now" "ugh...FINE if they have to".The girls never gave up on Jacob ,Jacob gave up on them 12 years ago.


the girls actuelly were reallly good actors ,they even made Emily really think that they are friends "I use to think that yous were two faced Bitches,...but not any more"stated Emily."I love you" whisperd Jacob

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