emily's life

emaily has a great life,all she has wanted since she was little is a Rich Boyfriend and to have a life,read it to find out more about this story


2. it gets a little worse

"haha...I will ruin her and Jacobs relationship in no time...I ...just need to figure out...how.UH_-HU.......,I have got the perfect way,one of them is cheating.YES THAT'S WHAT I'LL SAY!" said Angoulie "really?!" saying jacob and Emily at exact same time "JINX" said Jacob "uh..no way' said Angoulie "Angoulie?!?! wow this puts the first crack in my heart,I thought we were friends!" cried Emily .


It was a year later,they were 15 now,"that would have hurt your heart last year" said Jacob "yeah" cried Emily ,Emily still didn't get over losing a two faced Bitchy friend,it was like she lost her personaility or something like her mum.

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