Hello ya'll! My name is Donna Kathryn and I am old. Like Grandmama old. I guess I should say that I am still young at heart, and sure as hell look the part. *Laugh* I guess that rhymes. Anyway sugars, If you want me to reveal more, please join me on my journey.

Type of genre/writing based on Ransom Riggs style


1. The Summer of New Beginnings


 ​Donna Kathryn

  It was a hot July morning, and I didn't know the date for sure, I'm thinking it might of been the seventh, but I'm not positive. Positive. That's a new word I found in the dictionary this mornin'. Positive. It means to be encouragin' and happiness.

  I was sitting out on the prairie, the most peaceful place I could ever be. I only think that because I've never left this country farm. I was basically born here and am the farm daughter, as everyone says. I was adopted by the headmistress when I was found outside the gate .

  You are probably wondering so much right now, like what is this farm I am talking abou', and not to mention this gate. My world that I live in lives right inside a gate. Now this gate is like an entrance to a special place, just like enterin' the secret garden in Frances Hodgson Burnett's book. Its like a mystical place.

  You have to enter this gate to enter my land. My world is not a repeated day, its just continued days where we don't age and that the same styles of  cultur' stay the same, and any things that enter' or leave will disintegrate into your own greedy palms. If you try' to make a livin' sellin' things from the modern day world, that's the way it has to be. If you don' understand what I mean by that, I mean that if you try to be greedy by bringing our world to the modern world, then the stuff you bring disintegrates. It's not like' anyone has ever entered or left, but ya know its just for' safe keepin'.

  Inside this world is an infinite world, with a wide' open prairie and a small forest beside that. And inside a small area of patches about a mile away, is my secret place, only few people know about'.

    Where me and a bunch of others  reside is a small house that looks way smaller on the outside then it actually is.

  That picture is of my own caretaker and her sister. The gentleman in the middl', that's Great Grandfather Opaw. He raised our headmistress and her sister. Opaw left this world a few' years back, Opaw really love' this world, and everyon' loved him back. No one knows what happened to Aunt Caroline. She was a sweet mild woman. In the pictur', she's the chubby little woman on the left. Aunt Caroline was thought to have left our covenant because of one big ol' fight with Opaw. Only headmistress and others were there to tell the tale of her leavin'. The right woman is Headmistress Giselle. A lot of the babies here call her Mama Giselle, which cause' the chain reaction of everyone's names.

  When Mama Giselle found me, she had heard a babe cryin'. She followed the noises and soon enough she was at the gate, wonderin' what to do. Opaw got them into this world', and after that, nobody could enter' or leave. So Mama Giselle called out, "Hold on Sugar! I'll get Great Daddy Opaw to come help us! Just hold on honey!" Honestly, Mama Giselle couldn't even figure out what to tell Opaw about me. She didn't even know a single thing about this little baby, and she was willing to save me! Anyways, Mama Giselle sat there for a moment, wonderin' what to do, when I stopped cryin'. Mama Giselle heard a little giggle and then heard a click. The gate swung open, and there I was. Mama Giselle didn't even care about the outside world she had come from, and stepped outside and picked me up.

  When Mama Giselle recalls her stories about my beginning, she recalls an icy cold barrier in between our worlds. The awful feelin' of your ears poppin' and the feelin' of your freckles all meltin' off your beautiful face. 

   Mama Giselle took me back home and everyone was fascinated by me. Opaw loved me immediatly and wondered how had I gotten through the gate.

  You are all probably wondering where the other kids that live here came from, because obviously they couldn't get through the gate. Most kids already live here in this world, born here, totally unaware there even was anothe' world. Others had mysteriously gotten here from another land.

  This is not the only land like this ya know. There are others, that live in the same style and are somewhat immortal. But no one here is actually immortal. Actually, it is very easy to get hurt'. I myself am very clumsy', so you can see how bad me life might turn out.

  Everyone here is mysterious, very strange, all magic like. Everyone here as powers! Mama Giselle has telekinesis, which is the power to control things with your mind. Aunt Caroline has the power to stretch in twist, and all her stories she told are about her "stretching into trouble." Opaw has no ability to fly or anythin. He just has a great mind, and has a photographic memory, which is considered a power. Whoever enters the gate or any others, must have a power, or else they obviously disintergrate, but its much more complicated. You obviously can't enter if you don't have powers or at all, and you won't even exist in this world if you don't have any, so the confusion is all on me.

  We don't know what power I have. We have tried testing my strength, my singing, my jumping off of cliff skills, but none work. So no one knows how I entered, or even opened the gate without powers. When Mama Giselle though that I had the power to open the gate, we went out to that gate and it would not open, so that idea is crossed out.

  To have powers is very rare, and if you are thinking its in genetics, it is ever so rarely. Opaw, Mama Giselle, and Aunt Caroline are the longest family to ever have that have powers. So how did the people who are born here have powers? No one knows for sure, its all a great mystery. 

  We have a total of thirty seven kids here, and to tell the truth, most of them hate me. They feel as if I'm a threat and a no good human who somehow got into this world. They all know that I most not be human to enter the gate, but they always leave that fact out. 

  As I was saying earlier, I was sittin' out at the prairie, reading a book, letting the peacefulness of the world get to me, so that no place or person could take this feelin' away from me.

  Today I was reading a book that somehow snuck into our library. Its pretty' rare', but sometimes books from the modern world get transported into our library. 

  When all of a sudden, a green bush grew around me as I heard a girl laughing. "Aw, is poor little DK ok?" The voice called mockingly. 

  I laughed too, except my laugh was full with, oh, what's the word? OH YES! Sarcasm. "Oh my freakin' god Cecelia, the joke is over and its not funny." 

  Out of the corner of my earshot, I heard a yell. "CECILIA BUSH!! LET DONNA KATHRYN OUT OF THAT BUSH IN THIS VERY INSTANT!" I heard a groan and then leaves and bushes crinkling and removing in my very own line of sight. Mama Giselle was rushing towards me, saving me from my doom. 

  "Cecilia, go to your room. NOW!" Mama Giselle scolded Cecilia. Cecilia rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and walked away.

  "Oh DK, what am I gonna do with ya." Mama Giselle said, sadly. "I really don't know Mama Giselle, but the kids won't leave me be, so I have just got ta live it. I'm always gonna be different. I'm like the preacher's child. It doesn't matter how I really am, I'm still gonna be treated like the way they think i should." I told her. I'm so used to her saving my behind, that I really just want her to leave me alone. I love her, but she is just making the kids hate me more.

  "Donna Kathryn, don't say that! Remember the golden rule and the silver. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and be kind, don't let other get you down, because they might just have a bad experience. Now Donna Kathryn, it's a Saturday, so I'm gonna let it slide, but you need to go inside now. We both know a storm's a brewin' and if we don't take cover, well, ya know what happens." 

  "Yes Mama Giselle." I said sweetly. Mama Giselle smiled and sprinted away towards the house. In this world, there is always a storm on Saturdays, and mean creatures come out in the dark, no one knows what they are, but they are horrible. 

  I yawned, closed my book and stood up to brush myself off. I sighed dreamily, wishing things would change. I yawned again, and started to walk towards the house. 

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