Hard to Love

Delaney has had a rough go at love. Her best friends are really all she has, until one of them throws a party and she meets a guy who takes care of her in her drunken state. What will happen when his actions change her view on everything she ever knew?


2. The Party

My phone buzzes and I look to see who it is, naturally. 

Blakelyn's name popped up with a message that read, "Hey. U comin 2 my party 2nite? U will have fun, I promise!”

"no, I don't think so, Im not feeling up to it.." I replied, hoping she wouldn't persist.

"2 late, Max is comin 2 get U!"

Great. I can never get out of anything with this girl. But hey, being friends with her for almost 12 years, I should know this by now.

"great, what should I wear?.."

"im wearing ripped jeans, with flip fops and a crop top, the matching ones we got together. wear urs!!"

"ok. I love how I have a say in this lol"

"be ready in 30!"

I throw my phone on my bed and pull out some ripped jeans and the matching crop top I got with Blake, and pulled out my white hightop converse. I throw on some makeup, nothing too special, and put my hair half up half down with a messy bun.

I was about to leave when all of a sudden, my door flies open, and Max yells "BOO" and I scream and fall to the ground. 

"Damnit, Max! What the hell is wrong with you?!" I scream, on the verge of tears.

"Im sorry, Laney, I didn't mean to scare you that bad.." He says with puppy dog eyes and a fake from, mocking me. "Can we just leave before I change my mind, doofus." I scoff, and push him as I walk through the door. He laughs and follows me down the steps and put the door.

As we drive to Blake’s, Max starts up a conversation. “Hey Delaney, on a serious note, i wanna ask you something.”

“Uh oh, you used my real name, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Lane, i was just wanted to talk about us.”

“Um, what do you mean ‘us’, Max?”

“We’ve been friends for a really long time, and I wanted to make sure that you know that you can always come to me for absolutely anything and i’ll always be there for you, ya know? I just want you to know that I'm comfortable with you, with anything really, and I wanted you to know that.”

“Woah Max, someone’s pulling on their newly found heartstrings. What’s that all about?”

“Nothing Delaney, i was just saying.”

“Okay Max, im comfortable with you too, why wouldn't i be?”

By now, we pull up to the party, and there were a lot of people there. More than i anticipated. But hey, Blakely is always making friends on friends on friends every other week so, what did i expect. 

“We can talk more another time, let’s have a good time tonight, okay?” Max said as he parked his truck.

We got out and i was treated by a tight pair of arms and a slurred scream. “LANEY IS HERE, NOW IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!”

“Woah there Blake, it looks like you’ve already got the party started.” I say chuckling at her silliness. She hands me a drink and look back a Max, shooting him a look as though to say ‘this should be fun’. He smiles and laughs, and joins a group of guys in the garage, where Blake was dragging me.

“Blakely, wanna get youre ass beat at some beer pong?” Blake's boyfriend Matthew laughed as he set up the cups. “Do you mean you’re ass beat?” She slurrs loudly, and everyone starts to crowd around the table for the intense game.

And that’s when i saw him. He came up behind Matt and taking the spot next to him, as we were playing in teams. “Let’s show em how its done Lane.” Blake shoots before throwing her pingpong ball into a cup right off the bat.

“HA, CHUG BOYS!” She screamed, giving me a high five. They take a swig of their beers and I throw my ball. I make it, of course, and we scream again in glory as they take another drink. By the end of the game, Blakely and I won, and we laughed as she basically called them losers, but in other words.

Then I reel a firm hand on my shoulder and i turn around. “You’ve got a good arm on ya, good game. I’m Brantley.” He smiled and put his hand out for me to shake. “Yeah i guess,” I smile back, “Im Delaney, but as you may know already people call me Lane, or Laney if your lucky.” He laughs when i say this and i cant help but feel butterflies in my stomach as I'm ready to explode.

“Looks like you need another beer, and so do I, wanna join me, Laney?” I grin at him calling me Laney right away. “Sure, Brian was it?” He lets out a laugh, and we walk to the cooler where the beers are.

About an hour passes, and at this point I'm really drunk. “Yo, Delaney, I think you should slow down with the drinks.” Max intrudes, basically pushing Brantley to the side and grabbing my drink from my hand. 

“hEy, you're no, FuN.” I slur out, and grab for the drink, nearly falling to the ground. Brantley catches me quickly, before i hit the ground, and I hug him in a way and he pulls me close. I rest my head on his collarbone. “I think you've had enough.” Brantley says tossing me a little to give himself a better grip. Im holding onto him like a tired toddler would to a parent as he starts to carry me into the house. 

“I’ll get her, it’s fine Brantley.” Max says kind of rudely, and he’s met with a, “No, i already got her in my arms, i know my way around this place.” 

Max scoffs and stands there in his place as he watches Brantley carry me away.

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