Hard to Love

Delaney has had a rough go at love. Her best friends are really all she has, until one of them throws a party and she meets a guy who takes care of her in her drunken state. What will happen when his actions change her view on everything she ever knew?


3. Hangover

Brantley lays me in the guest bedroom and goes to get me some water and bread. While he was gone, I began to take off my clothes and throw them in a pile on the floor next to the bed.

“Okay, Lane, heres some, WOAH.” He says, spilling some water as he goes to cover his eyes. He sits the water and bread on the table, and takes his shirt off. “Here.” He pulls my arms through the sleeves of his shirt and pulls it over my head. It was long enough to cover my butt and he fixed the covers over me.

“Please don't leave me, i need someone.” I say tiredly, patting the open bed next to me. “I will stay, but only until you're better.”

He lays next to me and I cuddle up next to him and put my tired head on his chest. He didn't know what to do at first, but he softly ran his fingers through my hair as I fell asleep. 


The next morning came and the people who stayed the night at Matts, which was obviously where the party was held, gathered in the den and watched tv while breakfast was being made. I open my eyes and realize I'm laying with someone. Moreso, on someone. 

I look up and see that its Brantley, and i was left there wondering if anything had happened last night while i was drunk. I mean, i was in only my underwear and his t-shirt with no bra. I slowly scoot off of his sleeping body and roll over to check my phone.

26 unread messages from Max. Oh god.

All of them were along the lines of ‘where are you’ and ‘please don't do anything you'll regret’ and things like that, 

“Hey, sorry i was obviously too drunk to text lol, where are you?” I sent.

Right away he texted me, “Im in the den, please come down here. I need to talk to you.”

Great.. I have no idea what happened last night and I hope i didn't do anything stupid. Right as i was about to sneak out of under the covers, Brantley starts to wake.

“Hey, Lane. How are you feeling?”

“Uh, much better, thanks..” I was really avoiding talking to him. I didn’t know if we had done anything and I really didn't want to find out right then.

“Dont worry, we didn't do anything. You were really drunk last night, unable to walk really. You asked me to stay, and right when i sat down, you laid on my chest. I didn't really know what to do, so I rubbed your hair until you fell asleep.”

“Oh.. but, where are my clothes?”

“Ah, yes, they're beside the bed. While i was gone to get you water and bread, you stripped down to just your underwear. I figured those clothes wouldn't be comfy to sleep in anyway, so i put my shirt on you. I hope thats okay.”

At this point, i caught myself staring at his body. He was really fit, and tan. “Delaney?”

“OH, right! Yeah, no, thats chill.. ha, I'm just glad we didn’t, ya know. Because thats what i thought we did and i don't really know too much about you and I'm not usually the type to do something like that. Im not even the type to drink as much as i did last night..”

“its fine hun, don't worry about it. You slept like a baby.”

“Good.. Yeah, well i think theres breakfast so lets…” and all of a sudden i felt like i was about to puke. I jump up and run to the bathroom in the guest room and dart to the toilet.

I then feel my hair being pulled back as I let all the fun i had last night fill the bowl. Gross.

“It’s okay, just let it out.” He says gently. I didn't feel weird by this at all, and i actually felt normal with him there. Like, I wasn't afraid of grossing him out.

When i was done, I sat up against the wall. He sat next to me and pulled head onto his lap. I laid my head there and closed my eyes. “Why are you being so nice to me?” I asked. “You really don't have to put up with the aftermath of a too fun night.”

“I dont mind. From what I saw before the liquor hit, i like you.”

I just laid there and opened my eyes. He was staring at the wall in front of him, and I smiled. I was grateful that he didn't take advantage of me while i was unable to think clearly. 

After awhile, i was started by the bathroom door swinging open, and i jumped upright. Max was standing there in the doorway. I must have drifted off..

“What are you doing?” He asked, as if he were offended.

“Being hungover, thats what I'm doing. Whats it look like?” I replied, standing my ground as though i had to. “Are you serious right now, Delaney?”

“Um, yeah? I just threw up. Whats your problem, Max?”

Brantley then stands up. “Max, just leave her be, she’s not feeling well.”

“Whats your problem dude?” Max says, inching towards Brantley’s face.

“Look, I'm not looking for a fight, but i might have to if you don't leave.”

“Whatever, Delaney, find a ride home.”

“Max are you serious right now??..” I say, but he had already stormed out. “What the hell is his problem?” I ask out loud.

“I have no idea. Ex boyfriend?”

“NO. He’s just a longtime friend.”

“Well, ill take you home if you need a ride.” Brantley offers, and I'm quick to take him up on it.

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