Hard to Love

Delaney has had a rough go at love. Her best friends are really all she has, until one of them throws a party and she meets a guy who takes care of her in her drunken state. What will happen when his actions change her view on everything she ever knew?


1. Bedlam

All i can hear is the sound of a monitor. Beep. Beep. Beep. Then a long, strung out beep.

People rushing around. Yelling. Frantic.

My eyes are shut, and i cant open them. I cant see anything. Just darkness.

The bedlam around me starts to muffle, and fade. I feel as if im zoning out.

What is happening?


[2 Years Earlier]


I never thought id be in love so early. I never thought id be the one in the relationship everyone wished they were in. I never imagined this, and at such a young age. But i couldn't be happier.

We met when i was 17, he was 19. I was at my friends party, and he was there with another girl, while i was there with one of my guy friends, Max. Max and I have always been really close, and I've known him for years.

Im Delaney by the way. Im five foot four and a half, i have dirty blonde hair nearly down to my butt, and, to start without any confusion, i suffer from depression and anxiety.

I have always been reserved, and the only time im rowdy is when im with my best friend, Blakelyn. Everyone calls her Blake, and shes a crazy one i tell you.. Shes outgoing, hilarious and loves to party.

Which brings us to where Brantley and i met.

He looked to be nearing six foot, with dark blonde hair, cut a little longer than a military cut, with hazel-blue eyes, the prettiest things i'd ever seen. Id never seen him before, and i cannot deny, I was attracted to him at first glance.

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