Tag, You're It :: L.H

"Eenie meenie miny mo,
Catch a lady by her toes,
If she screams, don't let her go."

when Luke wants something, he will do everything he can to get it.


3. ::2::

I twirled my brunette hair around my finger out of habit as I read the book. It was a beautiful book really, about a girl who finds love and happiness when in a dark place. The message is that no matter what, love will always be there to pull you out of the ditch you have fallen in.

Luke had came over everyday that week, and every time he would leave, something would be missing. I didn't want to blame him, but he had that horrible vibe that creeped me out. I'm sure he's nice but he makes me feel uncomfortable. He would always stare at me and touch me, his eyes dark with something I wasn't sure of but it wasn't good. He wasn't even that old, maybe around 20 years old but he was still scary to me.

Once, I caught him grabbing one of my shirts tightly, pressing it to his face as his eyes were closed, he seemed to be inhaling the scent. He looked like he was in pure pleasure over a shirt. And it wasn't even a good shirt either, it was an old one that had small holes everywhere.

Everything went quiet in the street and, for a second, I felt like the person who was staring at me had gone; given up, but then I heard the beautiful tune of an ice cream van.

I put my book down on the grass and jogged into my house excitedly. "Mum, mum," I called out, excitement laced into my voice. "Please may I have some money?" I batted my eyelashes innocently at the older woman who was standing in front of the oven, a tray of pink splotches of cookie dough in her hands. It looked like she was about to put them in to bake.

"Sure, my purse is in the sitting room." She smiled at me and proceeded to put the tray of dough in the oven. Happily, I skipped to the sitting room and took out the money I needed, making sure not to take a lot.

"Thank you," I jogged back outside and noticed my book way gone. Why would someone steal it? With a pout, I walked to the ice cream van which seemed to wait for my arrival. "H-hello mister." I mumbled as I looked at the blond boy in the van. He looked familiar, but I couldn't quiet remember his name.

He send me a smile which didn't look warm, it looked cold and made a shiver run down my smile. "What would you like, my love?" His voice was low and raspy. It made me uneasy but I wasn't sure why.

"Just an ice cream please, w-with extra sprinkles!" I tried to shrug it off because it was probably nothing, probably. As the older man was making my ice cream, I noticed a pastel pink book placed in the back – it looked a lot like my book that was taken. Maybe he just liked the same book I did – I shouldn't think of the worst.

He handed the cone to me as I pushed the money over to him. "No need, princess, it's on the house." The blond man winked making my stomach churn, I felt uncomfortable but I thanked him and started to eat it slowly.

It tasted different: sour almost which made me cringe. Was it a new flavour? I didn't have time to ask as I felt my body go weak, my eyes drooping. My head started to spin instantly. What is happening to me?

I wasn't sure what was going on but I was panicking. I saw a smirk find its way onto the ice cream man's face. Quickly, I grabbed onto the van for support but it failed as I fell to the ground abruptly, my eyes shutting fully.

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