Criminal Minds: The Darkness

Doctor Spencer Reid is dealing with personal problems along with the absence of Morgan and Hotchner. Reid subjects himself into a world he himself should know will be hard to get out of. As he starts to become the type of mind he and the team arrests he learns that there's no turning back and cleaning himself from this.


6. Torn Up Ties (The team's perspective)

When Garcia called us in a panic I could tell something was wrong but I wouldn't have ever expected this. No one would've expected it which is why now everyone from the team is here. It's because we all care about Reid. By everyone I mean I've gotten together everyone. Hotch, Morgan, Garcia, El, Prentiss, Rossi, Alvez, Callahan, Seaver, and Lewis. Everyone is panicking. Garcia told us everything and we've seen surveillance footage of Reid and this woman. None of this makes sense. Why would Reid do any of this? More importantly how could he? No matter how many times I re-watch the drug store video I can't understand. 

"JJ?" Prentiss said. "Are you going to be okay?" she asked. 

Startled I couldn't reply. "Yeah just...let's get everyone in here so we can debrief."

Emily didn't argue and after ten minutes all of us were sitting in the room together. 

"What I don't understand is why Reid would go off the grid. According to Garcia everything about him has been wiped clean. There's not a single file on Reid." Morgan stated and his voice was getting to the severe point of anger. 

"I knew Reid was upset because of both of your absences but not to this degree. I should've done something." I said. 

"JJ it's not your fault. You shouldn't blame yourself. None of us saw this coming." Hotch old me. 

"Never the less we can't sit here and do nothing. We all have to think of Reid as the suspect not the victim." As soon as Hotch said that we all were silent.

No one wants to think of Reid as the unsub but it needs to happen in order for us to find him. This is heavy on all of us. We never even saw it coming. We all knew Reid has been upset because of his mother, Morgan being gone, and Hotch being gone but the fact none of us took it serious enough to get him help on dealing with it makes this even more shameful. Wherever you are Reid I hope your okay. 

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