Criminal Minds: The Darkness

Doctor Spencer Reid is dealing with personal problems along with the absence of Morgan and Hotchner. Reid subjects himself into a world he himself should know will be hard to get out of. As he starts to become the type of mind he and the team arrests he learns that there's no turning back and cleaning himself from this.


4. Run Away

When we drove near my place there were two FBI cars sitting there as if waiting for me. I left Garcia so of course she told the team. Who else could she turn to? Audrey turned around and we drove far and parked the car at a local train station. I didn't question her because I knew what she was thinking. She planned on taking a train somewhere far away from here. She got out and slammed the car door in frustration. I could hear her cursing out in anger. She took out a small backpack from the trunk then motioned me to follow. This is no longer avoiding my team this is turning into a spiral that will go out of control. The only result of this will be bad but for some unnamed reason that made me want to go through with this. I believe mentally I've broken. I've shattered.

I followed her past the station to the tracks. It didn't take long until I caught on. I stood there looking at her completely dazed. She watched my body language. She knew I was going to be against this. This isn't me though and I know it so then why am I walking a head of her now? Why am I beginning to run towards the train and about to jump on? She's running behind me, catching up, and we both got on board the cart. It was a rush like no other. Maybe a better feeling than putting someone behind bars.

"I'm surprised Doctor Reid." She said excitingly and laughed. "You've got more balls than I thought! Now's the time to put it to the test." She unzipped her bag and handed me a knife while she took out a gun. "Always keep something in the trunk right?"

"What's it for?" I asked.

She took off her shirt leaving her bra. "This time you don't question it. Do it because you're going to have to learn how to carry your own weight. In our world it's inflict or be inflicted there's no in between Doctor Reid."

My thumb brushed against the sharp blade. It bled and she took it upon herself to lick it. I've studied the minds of criminals, psychopaths, sadists, and so many more and yet I don't truly understand what's happening to me. I pinned her down slicing the knife across her upper arms, her stomach, her hips, and as I did this my mind went blurry. I just can't bring myself to stop. My fingers ran over the blood on her skin and all I could see was red. She then kissed me which surprised me. We breathed trying to think straight but she had bloody wounds that now needed to be treated.

She's full of surprises that I will admit. She took out two things of gauze, peroxide, a bottle of aspirin, and scar medicine. She cleaned herself up and tried to bite down the pain as she cleaned every single cut I had inflicted then wrapped the gauze everywhere that was necessary. She handed me the peroxide to at least try and get the blood off my hands. We sat next to each other in silence for a while. We watched as places passed by us and the train. Eventually we got off at New York then passed into another BDSM party place. Audrey said she knows the owner personally. It doesn't surprise me, nothing truly does at the moment. 




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