Criminal Minds: The Darkness

Doctor Spencer Reid is dealing with personal problems along with the absence of Morgan and Hotchner. Reid subjects himself into a world he himself should know will be hard to get out of. As he starts to become the type of mind he and the team arrests he learns that there's no turning back and cleaning himself from this.


5. Broken

I sat down on a couch while watching everyone, all sorts of people do painful things to each other. Audrey was in the back talking to the owner. I don't feel uncomfortable, just curious. After a few minutes I saw the owner walk into the room with her. He was wearing a tux and had his brown hair combed back. He looks like a cartoon. His appearance is tidy with his shirt tucked in and pressed to the point where there's barely any wrinkles. His pants are suited for his height and his tie is neatly tied. He presents himself with his shoulders relaxed which means he's probably trying to stay calm in order to not raise suspicion for the clients or those who work here around him. 

He stood taller as he took out his hand from his pants pocket. "You must be Spencer! I'm Micheal the proud owner of this fine place." He winked at some girls that were looking at us. "I've heard a lot of interesting things about you. It's a pleasure to see you rather then hear about you." 

"Yes it's good to meet you as well. I'm hoping we didn't intrude? I wasn't planning on coming here so I'd like to talk to you in private if that's okay?" My voice was getting into a higher pitch. You could tell I was fairly anxious. I may be a profiler but being here in a personal way is something I wouldn't think would happen. In that moment Audrey touched my shoulder to try to reassure me to stay calm. 

"How about the three of us go and get something to eat?" It wasn't a suggestion even though he was trying to present itself that way. Clearly my presence has put him on alert. "Great! We will take my car." He said before either of us could even answer. 

The car ride was severely silent and my thoughts were begging me to call the team. It feels like my heart might fail once my mind begins to ponder on what the team could be thinking or doing at this very moment. When we got to a local Italian restaurant we sat furthest from the door. Micheal took the seat facing the door so he could sit and observe every single person who came in and out. As I observe his behavior it's clear to me he's more on edge outside his party or club rather than inside. My guess is it's because being around others like himself gives him the comfort he needs the most. 

Micheal insisted on white wine for each of us. While I sipped on my glass I noticed Audrey began to shift uncomfortably in her seat as Micheal's blank expression put pressure on her. Micheal rested his glass on the table. The silence was needed in order for respect to be gained for each other that I understood the minute both their faces went flat. I leaned back into my chair, relaxed, then chugged the rest of my wine down my throat. Audrey raised an eyebrow so I take it she take me as the type but lately I've been the complete opposite of myself anyway so what really is my type?

"Spencer, Doctor Spencer Reid a profiler for the FBI who now with the help of one of my former working girls has sought out me for guidance. If you are truly serious about knowing more about what it's like then prove it to me. You seem very submissive from physical appearance and personality but due to your job I highly doubt that's true which is why trust is earned Mr. Reid." his fingers tapped on the table. 

I looked directly in his fierce eyes. "What exactly would you like me to do Sir?"

A smile spread across his face. "Text every team member and tell them you've resigned and never to look for you again then take out the sim card. You need to get your point across."

"Then I should call them not text them individually."

"No, I'm afraid that won't please me. Do this and you have my personal reassurance that you'll be off the grid and put into a position that works well in our community."

He's a classic Sadist who needs to be in control of everything else around him. Audrey is a switching type of personality so i know she will either agree with him or stick towards me. I did what was asked of me. When he said everyone I even texted old teammates. All together I texted Gideon who I've always had his spare phone remembered but never used it, Hotch, JJ, Garcia, Prentis, Rossi, Morgan, Alvez, and Lewis. It felt like such a relief though, to have finally been freed of my team. To be freed of my job. A job that required watching people go through trauma over and over again. I took the sim card out and smashed my phone. Gone, the team is now gone from my life. 

My silence quickly turned into a hysteria of laughter. I just can't stop my laughter that's pouring out of me. I can careless of the people who awkwardly stared at me from across the room. Both Audrey and Micheal were surprised by my irrational response. Something inside me completely fell apart in various ways. "Let's do something fun." I stated towards Audrey. I got up and thanked Micheal for now there's a sudden clarity in my life. I officially understand that hope doesn't exist but you can move forward in your own way even if it's a sinful way. 

I'm a broken man but even more so I'm a broken agent perhaps i shouldn't have ever joined the BAU in the first place. Who cares though? I'm free now! Everyone should be prepared for a new hell. I waited outside a store for Audrey who robbed some knives from inside. She handed me one when she walked up to me while making sure no one was watching. We both knew that there's street cameras but we weren't so worried about those. 

I'm broken apart might as well have my fun while I can. My eyes spot a nearby drug store and we bolted there. We walked in, Audrey locked the doors behind her, and since barely anyone was in there I held the knife up to the store owner. The edge of the blade slowly gliding across the mans skin. "Give us anything strong you've got." I whispered into his ear as I pressed the blade against his throat. He pointed Audrey to the back door explaining he had prescriptions for my good old friend Dilauded. 

Audrey was smashing the products in the store on her way to the back while I held him there. When she got it she came back and gave me the thumbs up. I let the man go and we went our way as we smiled for the stores cameras. The man was still trying to get himself together when we walked out the door. 



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