Elemental College

There are 6 main characters of the story none of them know eachother but they soon will be spending 4 years in the same class in a special school that with destined jobs none of them signed up for.


3. ch. 3

     The headmistress walks onto the bus. Huh What is the headmistress doing here?! Oh right she`s going to tell us why we feel weir at least I think the others feel weird.

" Let me tell why you all feel"weird" you see you have all been blessed with new powers that the old Elementals had like the others who have passed but unlike the others you girls are the Unique chosen ones who posses all of the powers of each respected tribe your class is based on your power level and your power level is based on your hair and eyes but the only one allowed to know your power level is your roommate which under normal circumstances are random but because you 6 are the highest level of the classes so you will have a roommate that is loyal and will serve you in any way possible."

E:"So we get our own personal assistants?!"

HM:" You can't say that in front of other classes but yes you could say they are assistants." OT: Wait What my brain is trying to comprehend this so I`m going to be a superemme powerful being over all these people except for the other 5 here oh this is so stress inducing. HM: "Now I know you might be stressed out but it isn't that big a deal once you get used to it of course you will have to take special classes for leadership and our history but I won't give you homework not that anyone else will we don't give out homework here usually we have somewhat stressful classes so we don't give out homework I hope you have a good time at our college."


Thats it for this chapter sorry it`s so short oh btw I`m the author oh and thank you bloodyrose for faving my story :3

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