Elemental College

There are 6 main characters of the story none of them know eachother but they soon will be spending 4 years in the same class in a special school that with destined jobs none of them signed up for.


2. ch. 2

         The uniform you get depends on the elemental group you're in there are 6 groups Light, Void, Fire, Ice, Water, and Nature. I`m in Light so my outfit is gold and white it has curly strands of gold on it and it looks somewhat simple yet somewhat fancy I got on the bus and waited I was the only one on there for a fairly long time but then someone came in she wore a black and purple dress close to mine but instead of curly her strand of purple were edgy she sat in the very back I decided to make small talk. "Hi."

"Umm hi..."

"So I`m Opal whats your name?"


"Thats a nice name!" I need a subject. "I really like your outfit I mean I know you didn't choose it but it suits you not saying your a goth or anything it just looks nice on you!"

"Phtt Hahahaha!"

"Hehehe." someone else was coming on and Violet shyed away to being her usually quiet self the girl who came in had fire on her robes so she was probably from the fire group the rest of her dress was red she looked really intimidating but cool and nice at the same time.

" Hey! I`m Ember nice to meet you whats your name."

"I`m Opal and the girl over there is Violet."

"Nice names I can`t wait til we get to the school what about you?"

"Ya I`m so excited!" someone else entered her uniform looked like it was made for winter it was a very pale blue and had white tufts on it. " Oh! hi."

"Hi... I`m Crystal what are your names?"

"I`m Opal."

"I`m Ember!"

"I`m... Violet."

"Nice to meet you all." She bowed slightly and sat down then someone in a deep blue uniform poped in her uniform was like a swimsuit top a skirt and shoes we all still had hoods though.

"Hi! I`m Shelly what are your names?" We all repeated our names again then one more passenger came on this girl must be from the nature group her outfit was almost all green with a little bit of pink Shelly sat down.

" Hi I`m Lilliana I was one of the last people in line I`m sorry if I`m late."

"No it`s ok your not late if anything your early."

" Oh ok!" She sits down and we make small talk as we wait to leave which should be soon. 

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